Nexus IT Elevates Josh Hiller to Client Success Manager – Charting the Path for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Growth

Nexus IT is excited to announce the promotion of Josh Hiller to the pivotal role of Client Success Manager, a strategic position dedicated to fostering our clients’ achievements and facilitating our ongoing commitment to operational excellence.

Josh, who has been an integral part of the Nexus IT family, will now direct our talented team of Technical Account Managers (TAMs), ensuring a synergy between customer satisfaction, retention, and business growth.

Player, Coach, and Leader: Josh Hiller’s New Chapter

As Client Success Manager, Josh’s ‘player-coach’ role will be multifaceted – guiding his team while also being a hands-on leader. His expertise will not only shape strategies and develop processes tailored to deliver consistent client satisfaction but also encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the team.

Value Creation through Strategic Leadership

Josh will be instrumental in creating value for Nexus IT by:

Developing Strategies: Crafting and implementing effective client success strategies that ensure our clients receive outstanding support, aiding them in reaching their business objectives.

Promoting Retention: Building robust relationships with our clients, fostering trust, and aligning our efforts with their long-term success.

Team Building: Cultivating a high-performance team environment through rigorous training, coaching, and skill development to ensure our TAMs are not just meeting but exceeding client expectations.

Collaborative Excellence: Encouraging collaboration across Operations and Sales teams to streamline processes and enhance the client experience.

Upholding Nexus IT Values: Ensuring that our core values are at the heart of all team interactions and decisions, leading by example to instill these principles in day-to-day activities.

A Step Forward with Josh Hiller

Josh’s appointment is more than a promotion; it’s a step forward for Nexus IT. His profound understanding of our products, services, and most importantly, our clients’ needs, will drive the Client Success team to new heights of professional service and customer engagement.