Nexus IT Sponsors Live LIVE

The Nexus team is proud to sponsor Live LIVE 2022, helping to design and deploy a robust and secure network for this monumental Livestream in support of suicide prevention.

What Is Live LIVE?

Taking place September 10th, 2022, Good Deed Revolution is hosting the world’s largest live stream event for suicide prevention, known as “Live LIVE 2022”. The event will feature appearances by celebrities, influencers, & activists, all in an effort to promote awareness of suicide prevention, education, and raise funds at the same time.

Envisioned as a modern day version of 1985’s Live Aid event, Live LIVE will bring together tens of thousands of people from all over the country and beyond. Make sure to check out the event page for more information.

How Is Nexus Supporting Live LIVE 2022?

As both a sponsor and the team responsible for implementing an reliable IT infrastructure, Nexus is helping by designing a high-density network capable of supporting the livestream from beginning to end. Even a single issue could cause serious delay and streaming quality problems for those tuning in from home—we’re committed to developing a reliable foundation for this event.

Why Does Nexus Support Live LIVE?

Nexus is proud to sponsor this event because we’ve seen now how important suicide prevention initiatives are for our community, our country, and our world. This is just one way in which we actively take part in efforts to better the world around us.

The Nexus team understands that we are a product of our community. The success of our business is due, in part, to the prosperity that the Utah tech market is currently enjoying, which is why we take opportunities like this to pay it forward and support organizations that do important work like Good Deed Revolution.