Is There A Hidden Battle Going On Wanting You To Switch IT Service Firms?

All across the country we see it everywhere, mergers and acquisitions. All the Mom and Pop businesses disappearing, and in their place corporately owned or franchise businesses popping up, providing the same products and services. From burgers to cloths, eyeglasses to beds, website design to IT services.

Like those mentioned, the marketplace is also seeing changes in the Information Technology and Managed Service Provider industry. Large corporations once known for serving one industry are now offering crossover services in multiple sectors.

  • Corporate office supply chains adding promotional products and computer repairs
  • Large printing companies adding web design, IT, and managed services to their clients

The biggest conglomerate players, who are adding crossover services and products are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, McDonald’s, and the list goes on. To be fair to these giants; what they offer serves a purpose and provides a service. But does, big business, crossover services, spell customer service trouble for your company’s IT and MSP needs or are they a well anticipated and overdue resource?

Does Locally Owned and Operated Mean Limited Abilities or Hidden IT Service Treasure?

If you’re like most folks, you do have your favorite local companies; you will do business with first. The staff is friendly, easily solve your problems, and if they can’t help you, they will go out of their way to find someone that will. It’s not an imposition.

But let me ask you, was it their moniker “Locally Owned and Operated” that first caught your eye? And if so, was it because you feel strongly about supporting local businesses in your community? Or maybe you discovered they provide a service the big boys said could only be done at their level?

Let’s take for example a small IT company in the little town of Park City, Utah, who are thoroughly vetted by Apple computer to provide ongoing support for MacBooks / iPads / iPhones / iMacs

Doesn’t that mean customers with these devices won’t have to send them off for service or drive to a large city looking for Apple’s authorized service center? It does.

What Other Hidden Nuggets of IT Gold Services Does A Local MSP Provide?

Let’s go back to our Park City, Utah IT firm. I did forget to mention they are nestled between Mt Watson and Gobblers Knob, many miles away from the big city, (you actually have to crossover Wasatch Mountain Range before you can get to a big city).

But, even though they are in between two gorgeous ski resorts, it seems as though the locally owned MSP successfully provides crossover services. They manufacture and supply some excellent equipment.

  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Gaming systems
  • Network devices
  • CAD workstations
  • Graphic design workstations
  • Audio/video production workstations

All that from a locally owned IT and MSP business.

What Types of Online Services Do Other Local Managed Service Companies Offer?

With so many industry changes, and many local IT companies being bought up, those that remain have also jumped into the online web services market.

  • Looking to create a new website?
  • When was the last update for your website?
  • Considering adding a custom blog site?
  • Need to redesign your email marketing?
  • Is your site buried so deep that not even Google can find it?

If you didn’t catch it, local MSP companies have taken on and are bringing web design, blogging, email marketing, and search engine optimization to a whole new level, most of those currently in those spaces can’t provide.

What better person to design your website, 1) who also understands how to protect your site from hackers, 2) set it up on a virtual private server, 3) use Shadow copy technology to take snapshots of your files, and 4) back it all up in the cloud? Can your web guy do that too?

Now’s Your Chance to Sound Off and Tell Us What You Think!

After you read this article, contact the staff at Nexus IT Consultants and tell them who you would choose. Conglomerate IT or Locally Owned MSP. If you have any IT rescue stories, where the local IT guy got you out of a jam. Let them know. Maybe they’ll share some of their IT service nuggets with you.

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