Logan Overson: Shining A Light On The Nexus Team

The Nexus IT Consultants team is always growing. Not just adding new employees but also expanding our team members’ responsibilities, capabilities, and skill sets.

As we continue to improve what we do for clients like you, we like to spotlight key team members so you’ll know them a little better.

Check out this latest video to find out more about Logan Overson, Sr. Tier 3 Engineer and Fractional IT Manager:

What Does Logan Do For Nexus Clients?

“My role here has been changing since I got in,” says Logan. “I’m excited about a new project I’m working on, helping one of our clients expand to a new facility.”

Logan is both a Sr. Tier-3 Technician and a Fractional IT Manager. As an IT Technician, Logan directly influences our clients’ IT systems. He contributes to the design, troubleshooting, project work, and more.

As a Fractional IT Manager, Logan helps us strategically align our services and capabilities with our client’s unique business needs and objectives. In addition to assessing and remediating business process shortcomings and vulnerabilities, Logan also works with our clients to develop 3-5 year technology road maps that will enable their business growth and objectives.

In his spare time, Logan enjoys riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know him better!