Meet Collin Stevenson, Tier 2 IT support and Cybersecurity Expert at Nexus IT Consultants

Collin Stevenson is yet another addition to the ever-growing and improving Nexus IT Consultants team.

“He’s taken very good care of our clients, and is always very proactive with their needs,” says Earl Foote, Founder/CEO, Nexus IT Consultants

As a Tier 2 Systems Engineer, he plays an important role in how our clients’ systems work day in and day out. In this position, Collin makes sure that our client’s IT systems are in tip-top shape.

In his free time, Collin is an avid and competitive gamer. In fact, he can beat Super Punch-Out!! on Super Nintendo in under thirty minutes! That’s just one of the many reasons he’s fit so well into the team here at Nexus IT.

“I was welcomed to this wonderful company—I love it here, and I’m learning so much,” says Collin.