Meet Mike Hadley, Senior Business Solutions Advisor at Nexus IT Consultants.

Mike Hadley is one of the latest recruits to join the Nexus IT Consultants team of Utah IT  Solutions experts.

As a Senior Business Solutions Advisor, he both cultivates new client relationships as a part of our sales efforts and works in account management to keep our current clients taken care of.

“I’ve been in sales for twenty years, and it’s about the only thing I’m good at,” says Mike.

Mike is a born salesman, possessing a keen ability to connect with current and prospective clients and understand what they’re in need of. This makes him an invaluable part of our team, helping to both expand our network of clients, and improve hope we serve the ones we already work with.

“He’s helping our clients leverage their technology,” says Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT Consultants.

Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know Mike a little better. It’s team members like him that make our staff of Utah IT experts so good at what they do.