Want To Learn More About My Tech High’s Cybersecurity Course?

Students ages 13-18 have exclusive access to a new Utah Cyber Range program.

My Tech High, a personalized education program that works in partnership with Utah public schools, is now offering a cutting-edge cybersecurity course to students ages 13-18.

In partnership with the U.S. Cyber Range and Virginia Tech University, the course includes exclusive access to the new Utah Cyber Range, a cloud-hosted, cybersecurity lab that gives students access to interactive curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, real-world challenge exercises, and support from Utah-certified Computer Science teachers.

“We are thrilled to partner with U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech to provide access to top-of-the-line cybersecurity education to thousands of students all over Utah,” says My Tech High Founder and CEO Matt Bowman. “By starting with students as young as 13 years old, we are helping students gain greater cybersecurity awareness today as well as developing essential skills they can use in the future.”

“There is an increasing emphasis on cybersecurity education as the United States grapples with significant shortfalls in candidates to fill open cyber jobs,” said David Raymond, director of the Virginia Cyber Range. “Due to My Tech High’s impressive vision and foresight, Utah will be the first location outside of Virginia to benefit from our innovative approach to address these important market needs.”

“Women Tech Council has been a long-time supporter of My Tech High’s mission to bring more tech education to Utah youth,” said Cydni Tetro, Co-Founder/President of Women Tech Council. “We’ve been particularly impressed over the past 10 years that nearly 50% of My Tech High’s enrollment has been female – demonstrating that girls are interested in gaining tech skills when given the right opportunity. Now, with the launch of Utah Cyber Range, My Tech High will be the go-to place for any youth interested in getting a head start in the high-growth Cyber Security industry.”

To ensure alignment with practical skills needed in the industry, the course is offered in partnership with respected Utah cybersecurity and cloud-based companies including Observian, Totem Cybersecurity and Nexus IT.

“This is huge and a super awesome offer for young students in Utah!” said Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT Consultants. “The team at Nexus IT wishes My Tech High a huge success with their latest endeavor, and we are here to support them in any way that we can!”

To learn more about My Tech High’s Cyber Security Foundations course and the Utah Cyber Range, please visit their website. Feel free to also contact My Tech High. Interviews with Matt Bowman are available upon request.

More about the My Tech High Program

Now entering its 11th year, My Tech High partners with innovative school districts to provide K-12 students free access to a STEM-focused, home-centered, personalized education program tailored to the unique needs of each child. Over 7,000 students will participate in the program this year across four states – Utah, Idaho, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

More about the U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech:

The Virginia Cyber Range was created in July 2016 with the mission to provide resources for cybersecurity education to public high schools and colleges across the state in an effort to jump-start the pipeline of qualified cybersecurity experts needed to fill tens of thousands of jobs in Virginia. Since then, the Range has grown to support 5,000 students and faculty at more than 200 high schools, community colleges, and universities in Virginia.