Has investing in crypto crossed your mind? Maybe you already have but lost your investment, or it seems too speculative. To help make crypto investing easy, Ethan and Eric Parker have created Giddy.

Giddy says it best! This is right from their website: “With Giddy you can buy, hold, send, and earn crypto all from one easy-to-use mobile app. Giddy is a self-custody yet recoverable smart wallet, meaning you’re always in control of your money. Buy tokens right from your phone. And, put your crypto to work with access to decentralized finance opportunities, so you can earn more with a single swipe.”

The Parker brothers are removing all the obstacles that people have when investing in crypto and making it an alternative asset class. With Giddy, you don’t have to worry about learning the ins and outs of decentralized finance (DeFi). Buy your crypto in the app and use your earnings for Taco Tuesday next week!

Develop Your Foundational Principles and Stick to Them

The feelings around crypto investing are pretty volatile—not only can it be hard to understand but many people see it as “fake internet money.” Maybe you even feel that way! But after spending years building computers for fun and learning about DeFi, Eric Parker, the CEO of Giddy, realized that crypto could be made accessible and safe for everyone.

There have been many crypto businesses—FTX for example—who have taken advantage of the “Wild West of digital gold.” Since the laws around crypto trading are still being developed, people have taken advantage of that, and the fact that most people won’t know whether a DeFi business is ethical or not.

So, Ethan and Eric wanted to build a business that the consumer can trust. With every change or new feature they roll out, a team of lawyers is strictly following the current rules and trying to anticipate new regulations. A guiding principle for the Giddy founders is that they protect their users.

The Parker brothers’ advice for all business owners is that you define your foundational principles and stick to them. It will simplify your decision-making and, most importantly, protect your users from any unforeseen risks.

In the Wild West of crypto investing, Giddy is proudly standing up for what’s right and making it easy to invest in this ever-changing asset class. Saddle up and take a ride with them into the future of digital gold! Listen to the entire episode of TechBeat here.