Nexus CEO Interviewed By MSP Marketing Professional

This January, Nexus IT’s CEO, Earl Foote, spoke with Stuart Crawford on the MST Marketing Show podcast; going in-depth about the challenges Nexus has faced and overcome both before, and as a result of, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coming on the show as a respected leader in the Salt Lake City business community, Earl talked at length about insight he has learned over the years to help him galvanize other business leaders to build community and grow their business.

Said Foote, “my first decade in this space was difficult. I didn’t have any semblance of community, so after getting involved in community action, enrolling in professional development courses, working with coaches and gaining significant knowledge, I decided that now I would help budding entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes that I made.”

Where It Started and How It’s Going

Foote’s legwork has clearly paid off, as Nexus was able to make 2020 its best year on record, something Foote attributes to staying authentically engaged in the community, while generating a steady stream of PR & marketing content.

Crawford and Foote began the conversation taking stock of where the business is today, and the challenges faced as a result of the pandemic taking hold.

Foote effectively set the scene, pointing out that their home base of Park City was particularly hit hard by the pandemic, considering that so much of the city’s yearly revenue is tied up in tourism and visitors coming to town to ski.

Once reality set in, a lot of businesses realized they were in danger, so Foote decided to form a coalition to address business concerns and to help create economic resiliency in the community, working with the county for safe operating reopening plans.

Content Is King

A way for Foote to help the coalition indirectly was through utilizing his emerging presence as an online marketer, tailoring his video content less towards the tried-and-true audience of CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s – business owners with IT in their purview – and more towards his target consumers, creating more leadership-focused content.

Said Foote, “Creating content rooted in practical advice establishes us as trusted advisors and displays to other business leaders that we are reputable and can be trusted. The most engaging content winds up being interviews.”

Foote explained to Crawford that while not every minute of content may be consumed, “other business leaders [can] see at least 5-15 minutes of our content and understand that Nexus IT leaders are leaders that run a company in a responsible way that creates the best experience for their clients.”

How To Make Engaging Content

As the conversation progressed, Crawford asked Foote what he felt the key was to creating content that connects with an audience. Foote put forward three important factors to consider:

  • Authenticity is key. Owning up to being an introvert in the early part of his career, Foote initially presented himself as the “quiet guy behind the scenes,” but today’s market wants to know who is in charge, what their values are and what their story is, so he forced himself to be more extroverted for the sake of the company. Once people understand the story, they engage.
  • Brief is better. Depending on the content, length matters. When it comes to LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., 3-5 minute videos are the sweet spot, and Foote emphasized the use of subtitles for those looking to absorb content without disturbing others. When it comes to the content of said brief videos, “think about subject matters outside of a direct product or service that consumers can use to add value to the community. People don’t engage with overly self-promotional material so it’s important to find unique and different ways to engage viewers.”
  • Video is free, but conversion takes time. In marketing, despite budget limitations, creating video content is essentially free. However, video content is almost certainly never an overnight success, it usually takes 10-24 months before you see a marketing ROI. “Consistency and perseverance is what you need,” Foote added.

Listen to the full conversation here, and check out more episodes of The MSP Marketing show here. For more on Earl Foote and Nexus IT Consultants, visit