Nexus IT and Cisco: Your Heroes in the Fight Against Cybercrime

In the world of cybercrime, no one — and no business — is unaffected.

Recently hackers have been brazenly targeting managed service providers and other technology companies in many different specialties.

Even the U.S. Secret Service has taken note and is warning MSPs about a sharp upsurge in hacks and suggested that we all beef up online security — again.

Because so many companies rely on MSPs to oversee their sensitive data, hackers are starting to see them as a treasure trove to steal data from numerous businesses.

A single data breach into an MSP’s network brings a much bigger payday than usual.  Many, many local MSPs have already been hit by these targeted attacks in the last 24 months, and all of their clients infected or breached as a result.

Exploiting MSPs Means Exploiting Their Clients

Cybercriminals are attacking MSPs as a way to bombard multiple data sources through the same vectors. They’re often manipulating the open-source and enterprise applications MSPs use to remotely manage their clients’ environments.

In 2019, security experts reported providing support for more than 60 security incidents with MSPs and estimate the total number of incidents to be well over 100.

Clients must be able to trust the security, compliance and vigilance of their MSP partners. After all, one of the most attractive advantages of hiring an outsourced IT department is an instant improvement in security posture.

At Nexus IT, we are a squad of security specialists who can guarantee your sensitive data will never be exposed or leaked. Our status as a Cloud and Managed Services Express provider for Cisco confirms our commitment to the highest of security standards.

Because of our endorsement by Cisco, we are able to offer clients three specialized layers of security protection, setting us apart from many MSPs in our space. Cisco’s unrelenting commitment to security and visionary leadership is a perfect fit for our passion to keep your data protected.

Cisco Umbrella

First, we offer an industry-leading domain network system (DNS) solution leveraging Cisco Umbrella for MSPs.

Cisco Umbrella is a cutting-edge, innovative security tool that requires no manual updating of software or hardware. It provides real-time, comprehensive reporting, allowing customers to allocate their time fighting off attackers, rather than tracking them down within a network.

The solution is catching on quickly with some of the industry’s top experts. It’s popular for its extensive features and elaborate blocking of multiple security threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing and botnets before a connection to your network or endpoints can be made.

Cisco AMP

Secondly, Nexus IT employs next-generation endpoint detection and response with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).

AMP is a software designed to prevent, detect and help remove threats from computer systems. It protects desktops, laptops and other user devices from software viruses, as well as other malware like ransomware, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and fileless malware. Its especially beneficial in protecting against advanced malware, which can lay dormant for a time before exploding into a network, bringing destruction with it.

Advanced malware is particularly scary because it can self-replicate and insert itself into other programs or files once it’s loaded onto a computer system. It can also run tests to improve its performance and trick security software by signaling it’s not a threat.

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud

Third, Nexus IT provides cloud-based threat detection using Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, a solution that addresses the need for digital businesses to quickly identify threats posed by their network devices and cloud resources. It requires minimal management, oversight or security manpower and can span even a well-distributed network.

Especially in our COVID-19 environment, business networks are evolving. Laptops are being used on public networks and home WiFi and resources are being moved to the cloud.

Plus, the number of connected devices on a company’s network is increasing dramatically as we continue to create work-from-home solutions to keep employees safe in the global pandemic.

Find the Right Fit for Your Company

We are proud to offer all three of these best-in-class security solutions as a result of our Cisco certification. We are proud to partner with one of the world’s top security technology firms, providing the most comprehensive tools and resources to our clients.

At Nexus IT, we provide a worry-free, hyper-responsive approach to providing world-class IT support and solution. Partnering with us will free up your leadership to focus on running a highly effective and lucrative company.

Have questions about how your security tools measure up?  Give us a call today at 801-839-7006 or send us an email.