Nexus IT Consultants Adds New Clients And Team Members

Nexus IT is excited to announce the addition of several dozen new accounts into our prestigious client portfolio, by means of a strategic partnership with an undisclosed entity.

The Nexus IT team is always looking to expand our reach as a business, which is how our network of clients and our team of IT experts has steadily grown since we began in 1998.

A new partnership with an undisclosed entity is just the latest step in our growth. This partnership with Nexus IT will offer these new clients an expanded breadth and depth of Managed IT and Managed Cybersecurity expertise, knowledge, solutions, services, operational efficiencies, and capabilities.

But that’s not all — this partnership will also benefit our current clients, as it expands our solutions and offerings. As we grow, we become an even more capable partner for each and every member of our expanding network of clients.

As a result of these newly acquired clients, we also get to grow our team! We are elated to welcome aboard several new team members that will be joining the Nexus IT team, adding significant experience, knowledge, and skill to our already renowned lineup of IT and cybersecurity professionals.

As we embrace this milestone, we wish to express gratitude for each team member, business partner, and friend that has supported our success. We are eager to rise to the occasion and provide our white-glove experience to these businesses.

We at Nexus IT Consultants are excited to take yet another step in building a prosperous partnership with each one of these new clients by providing undeniably cost-effective, high-value IT solutions.