TechBeat: Nexus IT Merges With Intelitechs

Our merger with Intelitechs marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for our new company, Nexus IT. Discover more in this episode of TechBeat, featuring Intelitechs co-founders, Eric Sessions and Jake Hiller.

A Carefully Arranged Merger

Unlike many companies chasing mergers and acquisitions, Nexus IT isn’t in the business of acquiring smaller organizations whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Over our time in business, the Nexus IT team has learned to look for companies with similar cultures and models, whose teams would complement our own, and whose clients would benefit from what we have to offer.

“Both of our entities have been on this journey to shift this relationship between IT and cyber departments and the rest of the business to a very value-added, trust-enabled relationship,” says Earl. “Both organizations are all about how we add value.”

Choosing Intelitechs

Our shared vision for providing valuable IT services is why we recently merged with Intelitechs. The merger adds significant value to both teams’ client services, capabilities, and product offerings and will expand the leadership suite of the newly combined entity, Nexus IT.

“When I began the search for a strategic partner, the most important component of my decision revolved around finding a company that shared Nexus IT’s mission, vision, and values that we’ve committed to for the past 24 years,” says Earl. “We found exactly that in Intelitechs. As a result, we are excited to continue building our integrity culture that prioritizes best-in-class client services.”

Likewise, Intelitechs co-founders Jake Hiller and Eric Sessions recognized a kindred culture at Nexus IT, both in how they treat their staff members and how they serve their clients.

“We’ve been peers of Nexus IT for many years and have always respected the incredible impact it has had on our industry and local business community,” says Jake. “Given our own success in the market, we had no intention of shifting our business model, but once we sat down with Earl, we knew that this transition was a victory for everyone involved—the clients, the team, and the evolving IT services space.”

A Winning Combination

This acquisition is a win-win for both organizations and their newly combined network of clients. Nexus IT is augmenting both their team and their client base as they further expand their service offering. Intelitechs is gaining a new economy of scale and an extensive suite of services and solutions for their clients.

Together, these two companies form Nexus IT, which now embarks on an exciting 5-year growth plan that will see us expanding our network of clients, developing our service offering, and continuing to lead the industry here in Utah and nationwide.

“There’s a lot of exciting things we’re working on,” says Earl.

We’re Moving Forward…Together!

This merger is just one of the many exciting endeavors Nexus IT has undertaken recently. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our team and our clients.