Nexus IT Talks Healthy Tech Use On PCTV

Using technology nonstop during waking hours can be detrimental to your physical and mental health — do you know how to mitigate and eliminate these risks? Check out this recent feature on PCTV to discover key tips for healthy tech use.

Modern consumer technology is addictive. Our smartphones, apps, and social media are designed to engage users and keep them coming back frequently to see the latest updates and changes.

It’s this overly engaging nature of technology that can make it so detrimental to our health. Both physically and mentally, technology can lead to long-term, chronic issues.

This is precisely what members of the Nexus IT Consultants team recently appeared on Mountain Connections PCTV to talk about:

What Issues Do You Need to Be Aware Of?

“These days research has been showing more and more that excessive use of technology and social media is leading to significant health problems, depression, and anxiety,” said Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT.

Unrestrained use of technology can lead to several physical and mental health issues:

  • Eye strain, due to too much screen time
  • Poor posture, leading to back and neck problems and chronic pain
  • Sleep problems due to screen use before bed

Tips for Promoting Healthy Tech Use

  • Respect Personal Time: If it’s so late in the day that you wouldn’t want to be contacted about a work matter, then don’t contact anyone else either. Set and follow working hours, even if you’re working from home.
  • Lead by Example: If you’re going to expect your children to limit their screen time during the day, or before bed, then do the same. Not only will it benefit your health as well, but it will also set a clear example of how your children should think about technology.
  • Set Limits on Home and Personal Technology: Most smartphones and Wi-Fi routers can be configured to limit their use or turn off according to a preset schedule. This can help control how much screen time your children get, and limit early morning and late-night use of the Internet.
  • Find Non-tech Hobbies: Whether it’s hiking or biking or a morning walk, make sure to take up a hobby that gets you away from screens and outdoors.

“For me, it’s a matter of understanding better just how the overuse of technology can become a problem in people’s lives, particularly in the lives of our children,” said Earl. “Not that we should only be concerned about them, but we should also be concerned about ourselves.”