Nightingale College Partners With Nexus IT For Tech Support & Cybersecurity

Nursing is a calling and a noble profession, and Nightingale College provides online access to nursing education for those in rural and underserved communities. The College depends on its technology and requires both reliable and secure IT solutions, service and support to provide the education their students deserve. For this, they’ve partnered with Nexus IT.

Nightingale College LogoThey know that information technology is more complicated than ever before; that there are numerous things to consider when selecting an IT service provider. One of the most crucial is getting the quality customer service and results that they need.

With Nexus IT as their IT partner, the staff at Nightingale College has the peace of mind knowing that their technology will run as it should and be protected from today’s increasing cyberattacks.

Who Is Nexus IT?

Nexus IT was founded in 1998 bringing enterprise computer management, security practices, and data integrity to businesses that need it most; small and medium-sized businesses. Today, Nexus IT supports organizations of all sizes and in all industries. By utilizing enterprise practices and software, Nexus IT Consultants is the “nexus” between providing small-business solutions and enterprise security services, while maintaining a quality jargon-less, can-do attitude giving their clients worry free IT .

Nexus IT Supports Nightingale College’s Unique Distance Learning Program & Partnerships

Nightingale College has been equipping future nurses since 2010. They come from humble origins, beginning with a single campus in Ogden, Utah. The College has expanded to offer its accredited associate and bachelor’s degree nursing programs in more than 10 communities across the nation.

Nightingale College has pioneered a unique approach to distance learning through its Dedicated Distance Cohort (DDC) education model. Rather than having campuses, learners complete courses online and attend their local DDC for experiential learning. DDCs are not possible without the partnership of local health care networks, hospitals, and care centers.

In addition to its blended-distance pre-licensure nursing degree programs, the College also provides an RN-to-BSN degree program, that is entirely online for nurses in select states.

Since its establishment, Nightingale College has graduated over 600 nurses who are now serving their communities as confident, competent, and compassionate nurses.

Nightingale College Depends On Their Partnership With Nexus IT

As with any college or university, Nightingale College is entrusted with the personal and financial information of those who enroll. Learner confidentiality and information security is a top priority for the College. This is why Nightingale chose to partner with Nexus IT for its cybersecurity and technical support.

Secure and reliable technology is central/vital to distance learning. As the College continues to grow and provide additional programs, learners and alumni can remain highly confident in the online services offered by Nightingale College through Nexus IT.