A Cybersecurity Nightmare on Elm Street

All at once, everything goes still.

The phones whose vibrant ringing once filled the office air suddenly went silent.

Everyone remains motionless at their desks. The only sign of life is quiet breathing. The once inescapable sound of hurried typing of each employee has grown faint. An eerie feeling permeates the office on Elm Street—foreboding what might happen next.

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The Haunting of a Ransomware Attack

An ominous warning pops up on the business owner’s computer. He slowly, yet carefully, moves his cursor over to the pop-up that’s just daring him to click on it, and without a second thought, he opens a file. A look of horror creeps over his face as he turns as pale as a ghost. Can it be? Is this business owner now becoming part of the 61% of small businesses that suffered from a cybersecurity attack?

Out of nowhere, the cursor begins to move on its own in a frenzy that none of them had ever seen! Files open left and right, consuming every inch of the screen in seconds. Our once-in-control business owner has lost all control over his computer.

Realizing the atrocity of what’s happening, our once fearless leader springs out of his chair. As the CEO, he knows he has no time to lose! The longer he waits to spring into action the more time the cybercriminals have to exploit his systems.  He racks his brain for the next step, a quick solution to reset to moments earlier.

But it’s too late. The damage has been done. He sits quietly, frozen, shivering in terror at the night’s breezeless air.

When Your Secure Data Backup Ghosts You..

As he’s silently processing the terror of what has happened, an idea floods his mind. The managed backup! As if shackles had been released from his feet and hands, he leaps to his feet and charges toward the server room! Cruelly, his last-ditch effort was in vain, as he discovers that no secure backups were created for the company’s data.

The business is under a cyber-attack without an ounce of defense in place, and every shred of confidential and secure data stored has been stolen as if from plain sight. The files are gone, and there’s no hope left of retrieving them . . .

Don’t Fall For The Cyber Tricks – Stay Secure With Nexus IT

Suddenly, our fearless leader bolts up in a cold sweat. As his eyes dash around his bedroom, he realizes the surreal attack has all been a terrifying cyber-attack nightmare.

He breathes a massive sigh of relief and smiles. He remembers his business files are safe and sound—securely backed-up and monitored under watchful eyes. His business is partnered with Nexus IT for managed cybersecurity solutions, and with their proactive cybersecurity solutions, this business leader knows he doesn’t have to worry about his worst nightmare ever coming true.

We take cybersecurity attacks seriously—and not just on Halloween. At Nexus IT, you can rest assured your cybersecurity nightmares won’t make their way into reality.

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