More & More Small Businesses In Lindon, UT Have Frustrations With Office 365 Support.

Nexus IT removes the frustration from Office 365 Support allows organizations in Lindon UT to get to work immediately and stop wasting time trying to figure Office 365 out for themselves.  

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To say that everyday people experience frustration with corporate customer support would be something of an understatement. After purchasing a product or service that goes awry, working people expect a company’s customer service department to politely and efficiently help resolve problems or technical glitches. Unfortunately, expectations rarely align with reality.

At Nexus IT in Northern Utah, our team of experienced professionals understands that tech support interactions can be particularly unnerving. Your organization may have purchased software to improve productivity and reduce workforce downtime. When these sometimes complicated applications are confusing or suffer setbacks, excessive wait times and unresolved problems result in lost revenue.

This very issue was highlighted when an exasperated Microsoft user called Nexus for Office 365 support in Lindon UT. The experience highlighted common customer service annoyances and how Nexus IT delivers practical solutions.

Effective Office 365 Support in Lindon UT


Big IT Vendors Fail to Value Customer Time

When the organization’s frontperson connected with the Nexus live chat, they appeared to be at their whit’s end. After investing valuable time in a big IT Vendor’s customer support technician, the professional was left feeling as if the effort to resolve the Microsoft issue was wasted.

“We are having issues with our OneDrive on Microsoft 365. I just spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft support only for them to tell me they will call me back because they have no clue what is going on,” the person explained via Nexus IT’s live chat.

Our Nexus live chat professional, Rachel, quickly asked for the new client’s business information and first name to continue a courteous dialogue. After ascertaining the person’s business profile and name, the process moved forward swiftly.

“Just a moment while I am attempting to connect you with our office. Since this is a real-time transfer, therefore, you are requested to provide them with a brief overview of your requirements in order to develop a quick context,” Rachel explained via live chat. “I will stay here on chat until you are successfully connected.”

Budget-Friendly Customer Solution Packages

As a potential new client needing Office 365 support in Lindon UT, the professional inquired about our rates. All of our customer care representatives are well-versed in our policy of developing budget-friendly solutions for niche organizations. Nexus IT offers partnerships that include complete technology oversight, co-managed services, strategic IT consulting, and IT support, among others.

“All our projects are completely custom. So it is difficult to give exact figures. But if you would like to give me your information, I can have one of our Client Service Representatives give you a call right away to discuss further,” our Nexus live chat customer care professional stated. “If this is a convenient time for you to speak on the phone, I can connect you with our office right away for further assistance. Would you like to speak with someone on the phone?”

Rachel chatted with the caller for what amounted to only minutes before a Nexus IT Client Service Representative contacted her by phone. As a Microsoft partner in Northern Utah, Nexus understands that your time is valuable, and having the ability to be directly connected via live chat or phone can expedite the process and make the experience more pleasant.

If you are an entrepreneur, CEO, or decision-maker working with Microsoft products, the value of critical Small Business IT support cannot be understated. Having an ongoing service package in place can save you time, money, and avoid frustrating interactions with massive corporate IT vendors. At Nexus, we deliver cost-efficient and personalized Office 365 support in Lindon UT businesses can trust.