Nexus IT Continues Fruitful Partnership With Pando’s Members In Park City

Nexus IT is excited and honored to announce our continued support and sponsorship of the Pando community here in Park City!

Over the course of our 23-year history, we have come to love our work of building, supporting, and interacting with our community here in Park City. Connecting with new clients and developing lasting relationships has accounted for some of our most rewarding and impactful experiences.

That’s precisely why we’re such big fans of Pando.


Why We Love Working With Pando

Pando has long been a treasure of our mountain town. They connect passionate Park City entrepreneurs with one another, promoting positive change in the community here and around the world.

As a 501(c) 3 organization, Pando consistently provides meaningful content and connections that help us all grow our ventures, which in turn creates a thriving economic environment that benefits all. They offer an invaluable space through which to connect, innovate and share with one another.

We’re proud to play a small yet critical role in the operations of so many Pando community members, delivering expertise and support for everything IT.

What We Bring To The Community

Over the past 23 years, Nexus IT has been established as an Outsourced IT Infrastructure, Support, Cloud, and Cybersecurity industry leader.

In Park City and across the country, we deliver an undeniably high quality of service, going beyond simple support and helping clients grow and develop their businesses. That’s why we’re ranked in the top 3% of all IT companies nationwide.

Today, we’re proud to offer a range of vital solutions and services to our ever-growing network of clients. Our comprehensive Managed IT service combines best practices, processes, and tools that, along with our expert technical knowledge and proper facilitation, deliver an ideal result for businesses—they no longer have to worry about IT.

We also offer a fully Managed Cyber Security Defense service to deliver a range of vital solutions to our clients, from Penetration Testing and Employee Education to Backup and Disaster Recovery, Unified Threat Management, and Security Consulting.

Nexus IT Consultants is proud to offer a fully scalable, all-inclusive cloud solution as well, ensuring 99.999% uptime along with a range of key features such as Server Hosting (unlimited CPU, RAM, Hard Drive Storage, and Bandwidth usage), built-in PCI/HIPAA/SOC/SOX compliance, and much more.

Nexus IT Is Committed To The Pando Community

Our commitment to creating and delivering an unparalleled white-glove experience for our esteemed clientele and partners has enabled us to leverage technology and security properly.

We don’t just help our clients solve basic IT problems—we empower and propel the growth of their businesses! We look forward to engaging with the Pando community and working together to thrive as a whole.

Here’s to the future of Park City!