Do you need behind-the-scenes help with your IT while you’re focusing on future gold medalists? Hand over the IT reins to a team of knowledgeable specialists while your own team of 175 trains and conditions budding athletes with Olympic aspirations to help sculpt muscles and shape international competitive sports.

The Gold Medal Of Gold Standard Park City Technology Support

In the last decade, the professional world has seen an ever-increasing trend promoting the concept of team-building in the workplace. The collective tasks that used to be divided into departmental responsibilities are now shared by smaller groups of individuals – who may indeed come from different backgrounds or company divisions – that work toward a project that depends on the unique skill set team members to bring to the project.

In the professional sense, organizations focus on teambuilding and collaboration to improve communications and interdepartmental relations to create stronger teams of employees that share common goals. In fact, this migration toward smaller teams within a company offers a stronger perspective and focus on one critical aspect: achieving results. Individual strengths come together for the best possible outcome.

Where have we heard of this approach before?

The drive to achieve goals is basic human nature, and the instinct to compete to win is as old as man. Athletic teams have displayed this since before the first Olympic Games in 1896, which included combat sports. Legend has it that competition among athletes was so fierce, all hostile acts of conflict were encouraged to pause during the Games to allow the competitors to focus their attention on winning the game rather than winning wars!

Even modern athletic competitions drill the concept of teamwork into individual team members – helping your fellow human achieve the collective goal over those of one. The annual football playoff season and championship games showcase this same level of drive, with one teammate trying to score the touchdown but the entire team celebrating the “W”.

Collaboration is key.

The reality is, workplace comradery is no different – individuals collaborate on a project with singular tasks that, without the combined efforts of others, would not complete the project. A shared timeline and conjunctive completion with a cohesive finished product, tangible or otherwise, provides just enough implied competition as the incentive for each team member to stay on track.

What is the key to collaboration? Communication.

In a modern professional environment, physical location isn’t a requirement for a shared task, but communication is. A reliable network, like a Cisco infrastructure, provides the essential platform for team communication and collaboration. From the databases that store information, to the servers that house databases, and the automated processes, cybersecurity, and everything in between, a network provides the foundation for communication and collaboration.

Typical offices have multiple full-time IT professionals on staff to oversee network infrastructure, provide support, and perform the general day-to-day IT work needed – but you’re not a typical office!

IT Help In Park City

When you need the gold medal of IT support but don’t have the resources or need for full-time internal staff, consider a managed IT services provider (MSP). An MSP offers the same full-service IT support model that you’d otherwise get from an internal hire but without paying the full-time salary, or having to hire, train, and manage the employee, or repeat the process for turnover.

Whether you need help a few days a month, or a few days a week, an MSP caters to the level of support you need and at a custom price based on your needs. For a fixed monthly price, an MSP gathers their team to help with:

  • Cloud services, including data back-ups
  • Email and Web filtering
  • One-off IT projects
  • Ongoing IT consulting
  • Network management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Help desk support
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring

An MSP works like a trainer or a coach, always there when needed but supporting the team so the athletes can focus on their needs while having the confidence everything else will fall into place at the right time.

A partnership with an MSP also provides added layers of security:

  • Financial: No budgetary surprises that impact your bottom line with a low, fixed monthly fee
  • Stability: Your network is maintained and protected, with the MSP backing up your data to prevent downtime or missed opportunities
  • Security: 24/7 remote monitoring means that any threats detected by the MSP are thwarted before they have the chance to infiltrate sensitive data

Everyone wants to finish in first place – but only those with the right team framework in place will achieve the gold medal and beat out the competition.

Don’t let lack of focus force you into second place status. Apply the proper resources to the right teams, and keep your eye on the prize!

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