high-24145_300x225Lenovo has recently reported a defective manufacturing run with a number of the company’s laptop power cords. This recall affects more than 500,000 AC power cord units, and was issued after receiving numerous reports of the cords sparking, burning, melting, and overheating. Reports of actual damage from malfunctioning cords has come from outside of North America, but as a safety precaution, the recall order has also been issued in the US and Canada.

The recall may apply to anyone who has recently purchased an IdeaPad laptop, between February 2011 through June of 2012. Pay close attention if you have purchased a laptop from the B,-, G-, S-, U-, V-, or Z-series in the timeframe mentioned above. For a complete and comprehensive list of potentially defective devices, please see the company’s web page, here: http://support.lenovo.com/il/en/powercord2014

What To Do If You’re Affected

If you have a laptop that is listed in the recall, the best thing to do is to stop using the machine immediately so as to minimize your risk. Lenovo is offering free replacement power cords to all affected customers. You can reach their dedicated customer support line to request a replacement, Monday through Friday, between 9am, and 5pm, Eastern Time.

Checking the model number on the laptop on the affected list may not be enough. In addition to the model of the laptop, consumers with a Lenovo device should also check the model number on the power cord itself. To do this, first turn the machine off, and then disconnect the power cord from the power “brick” that sits between the cord and laptop itself. Once disconnected, look at the end that plugs into the power“brick.” If you see anything other than “LS-15,” you should be okay. If you see “LS-15” you may have a defective cord.

Lenovo is one of three computer manufacturers to recall defective products this year, joining both Sony and Panasonic. This, however, is Lenovo’s second recall of the year. Their first happened back in March, when they were forced to recall some 34,000 defective laptop batteries. If you believe you are affected by a Lenovo recall, contact the manufacturer or your IT provider as soon as possible.