Through effective use of images, transitions, and other features, slideshows enhance your presentation and help viewers remember everything you say

Powerpoint Presentation

When designing a presentation, nothing counts more than memorability. You could have the most innovative ideas imaginable, but if you don’t present them in a memorable way, you will never get credit for them. Slideshows provide a key opportunity to enhance your presentation, making it more interesting and easy to remember. Savvy presenters can use slideshows for:

Presentation Pacing

Pacing is crucial for an effective presentation. Go too slowly and you will bore your audience; speed through your points and no one will be able to follow them. Slideshows remind you how far you have gotten through your presentation and how much content is left to present. Simply determine beforehand how much time you can spend on each slide. Then check the clock periodically while presenting to make sure you are reaching but not exceeding that limit.

Intuitive Images

Images allow you to create associations between your presentation and common cultural identifiers. Insert pictures of popular logos, famous television and movie characters, and other icons that your audience is likely to recognize. Then, when they see these images during their lives, they will remember what you said during the presentation. Just make sure that all images clearly relate to the topic at hand. Irrelevant images will only confuse viewers and make it harder for them to understand what you are trying to communicate.

Transition Tenacity

Flow is key to a successful presentation. If each point seems to come naturally from the previous one, your audience will have an easier time following and understanding your points. Carefully-placed transitions from slide to slide accentuate the flow of a presentation, making each slide less jarring and revealing your train of thought. Viewers will understand how each point fits in with all the others, and will thus have more complete memories of the presentation. Use transitions sparingly, however; too many will distract viewers and disrupt the flow.

Enhanced Examples

When explaining complex concepts, it helps to illustrate them with examples, but giving examples after every point will quickly eat up your time. With a slideshow, however, you can simply display an image of the example while you are explaining the overall concept. Your audience will thus understand without your having to devote any time to it.

Presentation Print-Outs

Presentations are most effective if you can provide your audience with something to take home that will remind them of your main points. A slideshow offers ready-made reading material for this purpose. Simply print out copies of the slides and distribute them to the viewers, or link them to digital copies. Viewers will thus have a guide to your ideas that they can access whenever they want.

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