Proactive vs Reactive Cybersecurity—Why Utah Businesses Are Shifting To a Proactive Security Approach

When we invest our money into something, we can either be intentional about maintenance and stay on top of it, or we take a reactive approach and wait until something goes wrong. We all know that the proactive approach typically saves us more time and money in the long run, even though it may require more resources upfront.

The same principle applies to cybersecurity. Utah business leaders are realizing that in the proactive vs reactive cybersecurity debate, they need to stay one step ahead of malicious actors by maintaining their security solutions. Since 55% of consumers are less likely to do business with companies that get breached, a proactive approach can mean the difference between staying in business and shutting your doors for good.

What Is Reactive Cybersecurity?

When businesses are dealing with reactive cybersecurity, they simply wait until something goes wrong before taking action. This could be waiting for a breach to occur or waiting until a virus is deployed in their systems. It’s the same principle as putting off getting an oil change until your car breaks down.

Pros to Reactive Cybersecurity

The biggest pro of reactive cybersecurity is that it can be less expensive in the short term. With reactive cybersecurity, businesses save costs by not having to invest in new technology or software solutions that are designed to prevent cyberattacks.

Additionally, companies don’t have to hire an arsenal of IT personnel and security professionals who can constantly monitor their systems for potential threats.


The main issue with reactive cybersecurity is that it doesn’t do anything to protect your business from malicious actors before they even have the opportunity to attack. Once a breach has already taken place, it can be too late for businesses to mitigate damages and recover lost information or data.

As cybercrime continues to evolve, businesses that take a reactive approach will find themselves constantly putting out fires and trying to play catch up. And with the average cost of a breach being $4.24 million, even though 70% of breaches target small businesses, it’s big stakes.

What Is Proactive Cybersecurity?

When businesses take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, they make an effort to stay one step ahead of malicious actors. This means shifting their mindset and investing in technology and software solutions that provide advanced security from the start and continuously monitor systems for potential threats.

Pros to Proactive Cybersecurity 

The biggest advantage of this approach is that companies can ward off cyberattacks before they even have the chance to cause any damage. By investing in the right security solutions, businesses can detect potential threats and take action before their data is compromised.

Additionally, proactive cybersecurity allows businesses to be better prepared for compliance regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. This ensures that they remain compliant and don’t face any costly fines or lawsuits due to a data breach.


The downside is that proactive cybersecurity can be expensive upfront. Companies will need to invest in new technology, software solutions, and personnel who are dedicated to monitoring their systems for potential threats.

Organizations Benefit From Proactive Cybersecurity – Here’s How

In the end, it’s up to your business to decide which side to choose in the proactive vs reactive cybersecurity debate. But considering that the average cost of a data breach is much higher than the cost of maintaining security solutions, it’s clear that businesses are better off being proactive when it comes to protecting their systems and data.

By investing in the right security solutions and personnel, businesses can effectively protect their data from malicious threat actors. This will help them long-term avoid costly fines due to compliance regulations and save time and money by warding off potential cyberattacks before they even have the chance to cause any damage. 

It’s a win-win situation! So if your business is looking to take proactive measures to protect its data, investing in the right security solutions and personnel is a smart move.

Utah Businesses Trust Nexus IT With Their Proactive Cybersecurity

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