Mountain Connections: Promoting Diversity & Equality In The Tech World

Furthering diversity is an ongoing effort in every professional industry, including the IT world. Check out the latest episode of Mountain Connections with Nexus IT Consultants’ Earl Foote and Travis Gunn to discover how technology can help you foster an inclusive workplace.

In the modern workplace, awareness of the need for diversity has never been greater. Day by day, more and more business owners and managers are coming to understand the importance of giving equal opportunity and developing inclusive workplace cultures.

This is precisely what Nexus IT Consultants’ Earl Foote and Travis Gunn recently appeared on Mountain Connections to talk about:

The Need For Diversity In Today’s Workplace

“We’ve all realized that the time for passiveness in terms of creating diversity, inclusion, and equality in our companies is no longer a luxury,” says Nexus CEO Earl Foote. “We’ve all become hyper-aware over recent years of just how important it is to make sure everyone in our community has equal opportunity.”

Earl explained that there is a range of new technologies that help owners and managers assess and understand the social qualities of the workplace environment they oversee. For example, the Nexus team uses TrustMetryx to stay informed about their staff’s ongoing workplace experience. Using this platform, team members anonymously answer a few questions every two weeks to gauge the team dynamic, identify areas that could be improved, and ensure no one feels isolated or discriminated against.

Thanks to this platform, the Nexus management team has been made aware of the occasional situation that made a staff member feel uncomfortable or frustrated, allowing them to improve their workplace culture further and develop an inclusive environment.

“Structuring these things through technology really does allow our organizations to progress,” says Travis Gunn, VP of Sales and Business Relationships. “This helps us to grow and achieve whatever our goals or initiatives are.”

The Inclusivity Of Your Workplace Is Up To You

In the end, the quality of your workplace environment is a product of the effort you and your team put into it. As explored in this interview of Mountain Connections, a simple anonymous survey tool can give leadership direct insight into their staff members’ experience at work every day.