Meet Reed White, Tier 2 Systems Engineer at Nexus IT Consultants

Reed White is one of the latest additions to the Nexus IT Consultants team of Utah IT experts.

As a Tier 2 Systems Engineer, he plays an important role in how our clients’ systems work day in and day out. In this position, Reed makes sure that our client’s IT systems are in tip-top shape.

“I live, eat and dream IT—I’ll provide the best IT service for you,” says Reed.

Reed is an obsessive and passionate IT professional, with a long history of interest in technology. He even sleeps in pajamas with binary code on them! He was an immediate boon to the staff culture, bringing a fun and present energy to everyone he works with.

“He’s a super fun guy to have around, and he takes really good care of our clients,” says Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT Consultants.

Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know Reed a little better. It’s team members like him that make our staff of Utah IT experts so good at what they do.