Virtual Computing… it’s (just like) money in the bank.

That computer sitting on (or under) your desk is expensive… but not very valuable.

What makes your computer important, and valuable, is your data and your programs.

Your data is just like your money… VALUABLE.

You wouldn’t try setting up a bank in your office, would you?

The vault, security guard, tellers, furniture, deposit slips, etc. would make the simple task of managing your money rather expensive.

Your Nexus IT Computer safely resides “virtually” within the Nexus IT Data Centers without

the need for the recurring capital costs of desktop PCs, software upgrades and the

man-hours to keep them running smoothly.

Just as you can access and manage your money through ATMs, the phone and branch locations, you control your virtual computers via inexpensive “thin clients” or just about any device with an Internet connection including laptops, tablets and PDAs.