One Secret For Entrepreneurial Success: Episode 1

I’ll start with my story. My entrepreneurial journey began 21 years ago at the age of 23. I was inexperienced, and really had no idea about how to start a company. I didn’t know how to create success, and I didn’t have any mentors, so I literally went to the “School of Hard Knocks” to learn how to be successful.

People who know me the best realize that it’s important to me to make a positive impact in the lives of others. I really enjoy being involved in startup communities.

Being involved with other entrepreneurs has helped me build my business, and on occasion, I’m able to provide them with useful advice (hence this series of blogs).

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs always ask me, “What is the one secret to success?”

My answer?…

There’s no one secret success formula that will make you or your organization an overnight success. And no one formula made me successful when building Nexus IT.

But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small formulas, mentalities, behaviors and activities that can contribute to your success over time.

The Ten Percent Rule

Here’s the key… If there’s one secret, it’s that your success is 100% up to you.

Rarely does anyone succeed in business without doing massive amounts of work. You have to be willing to put in the tireless, thankless, around-the-clock work and to do what nobody else is willing to do.

But here’s the good news! If you’re willing just to put in ten percent more than what the average person will do, your odds of creating success are much greater.

You’ve only done enough to get by, but you must put out that last 10% to move the business forward. That’s the Ten Percent Rule.

Personal trainers use the Ten Percent Rule to push athletes. To improve, even if they’re totally exhausted, they must run that extra ¼ mile.

Financial advisors often tell their clients to push past their break-even point.

It’s that last 10% of investing where they can often build financial success.

With startups, most entrepreneurs will stop at 90%. They think they’ve done enough to survive and stop moving forward. They’re comfortable with where they are. Pushing past the 90% may feel uncomfortable, but it’s required for real business success.

It will take 90% of your energy to break even and just maintain a status quo. Adding 10% more will truly make all the difference.

That’s it for Episode 1 in this Series. I want to keep these blogs short. In the coming days look for Episode 2 where we’ll discuss the mentalities and behaviors that you need to be successful.

I’d love to hear your feedback or ideas for future episodes. Feel free to email me at

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