Silicon Slopes Recognizes Nexus IT CEO For Unparalleled Influence In The Business World

In recognition of his tireless efforts in the development of Nexus IT Consultants and the local entrepreneur community at large, Silicon Slopes recently selected our CEO, Earl Foote, as their Business Influencer of the Year.

We’re excited to share that our very own Earl Foote, an undeniable force in both our company culture and the Utah business community, has been named Business Influence of the Year by Silicon Slopes.

Business Influence of the Year by Silicon Slopes

The award was announced February 24th, 2022, at Silicon Slopes’ Black Tie and Sneaker Gala, held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City and attended by over 1,200 guests and honorees. We’re so proud of Earl for having been recognized by his peers for all his hard work over the past year.

“To say that I am humbled and honored is a massive understatement!” says Earl. “My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Silicon Slopes community, and the entire Utah business community at large. Your support and friendship have been nothing short of invigorating and inspiring!”

Business Influencer is just one of the 11 categories presented as a part of the 2021 Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame Awards, which were selected by independent judges from a total of 43 finalists. We would like to extend our congratulations to both Earl’s fellow nominees and the winners in the other ten categories.

“Overall, my gratitude goes out to my family, my wife, and my Team at Nexus IT Consultants!” says Earl. “Without their support, and their vigilant care of our clients, business, and each other —not to mention all the work they do behind the scenes to enable the way I show up in the public eye—there is no way that I could engage in the community the way I do, to create a lasting impact and legacy.”

The Nexus IT team was proud to have been nominated as one of five finalists in the Best Services category. While we did not win that award, it was an honor to be considered—we’re looking forward to competing for that title at next year’s awards.

“This is 100% a Team accolade and win!” says Earl. “And they truly deserve all the credit!”

The Nexus IT team is proud of their leader for having been recognized yet again for his commitment to building a successful and effective business, and for contributing to his greater business community.