In today’s business world, communication happens in an instant. Distance, time, location, source—none of it matters when we’re able to send and receive emails at the touch of a button. Whether you rely on email communication between employees or with clients, there’s comfort and security in knowing you can always be connected in real time.

Of course, this kind of advantage does come with drawbacks. Not only do you have to implement spam filters that protect your users against malicious incoming emails, but you also have to ensure that your outgoing emails don’t get flagged and discarded as spam. These days, it’s all too easy for your own emails to get caught in another company’s security net, and your important communication could be flagged as spam or deleted before it reaches its intended source.

Incoming and Outgoing Email Safety

IT support services like those provided by Nexus IT Consultants are designed to make your office communication run as smoothly as possible. Smart host relay services allow us to route all your outbound emails through our own email servers, which are publicly recognized around the internet as a “safe” source of communication.

Smart host services are ideal for companies that:

  • Meet or exceed daily thresholds for outbound emails
  • Have been flagged in the past
  • Experience a higher than usual amount of deliverability problems
  • Are blocked by ISP in terms of quantity/type of emails
  • Email in a large volume or send bulk messages
  • Have time-sensitive communication that needs to reach its source
  • Require an authenticated and secure IP address
  • Have a need for email tracking and reports of click-through activity

As more and more businesses tighten up their security to keep their own systems safe, it’s important that you implement your own measures to avoid being seen as anything but what you are: a reputable business committed to getting the job done.

Nexus IT Consultants is happy to implement smart host relaying on its own or as part of a larger email security package.