Utah IT Experts Spotlight — Steve Peterson

Utah IT Experts Spotlight — Steve PetersonMeet Steve Peterson, Business Technology Manager at Nexus IT Consultants.

Steve Peterson is one of the latest additions to the Nexus IT Consultants team of Utah IT experts.

As a Business Technology Manager, Steve will be helping us strategically align our services and capabilities with our clients’ unique business needs and objectives.

Steve brings extensive IT consulting experience to the Nexus team. Steve has spent a good portion of his career working with internal IT teams and IT providers to help optimize systems and IT-based business processes, as well as seamlessly execute major IT projects and deployments.

It’s this background that makes Steve such an exciting addition to our team. He has a well-honed ability to assess the way a business works, learn about its operations, and identify hard-to-spot opportunities for improvement. In his role, Steve will ensure that Nexus’ suite of IT services will be optimally applied to our clients’ business needs.

In addition to assessing and remediating business process shortcomings and vulnerabilities, Steve will also help our clients to develop 3-5 year technology road maps that will enable their business growth and objectives through strategies like business process automation, robust business intelligence, scalable infrastructure, and more. This long-term strategy consulting will help our clients to stay ahead of necessary upgrades, migrations, and other projects, while ensuring minimal downtime and maximum cost effect.

In short, Steve will help us ensure our support and services aren’t just keeping clients operational, but rather, having a meaningful positive impact on their businesses by helping them achieve measurable business growth and ongoing success in their field, all by leveraging technology as a business-enabling tool. He will ensure our clients are not assuming any unnecessary risks due to cybersecurity or compliance vulnerabilities, and help them eliminate inefficient productivity bottlenecks that stem from manual processes.  And, for our client’s who are currently in all-inclusive IT as a Service agreements with Nexus IT, there is no additional cost for the Fractional IT Manager work that Steve will be performing.

While this type of consulting has long been the foundation of the Nexus team’s approach to support, we’re excited to now have a full-time and dedicated staff member overseeing these initiatives with our clients directly.

If you haven’t yet, you’ll likely be having a meeting with Steve soon! Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know him.