Tech Beat Podcast Now Available On Spotify

You can now find your favorite business and leadership culture podcast on Spotify—make sure to subscribe!

We are excited to announce that Nexus IT CEO Earl Foote’s podcast Tech Beat is now available on Spotify. You can access the previous three episodes right now, as well as all future installments on one of the world’s most popular audio streaming platforms.

This is a must-listen podcast for business world leaders (aspiring or otherwise!) Over the course of his 23-year entrepreneurial career, Earl has amassed an extensive network of friends and fellow entrepreneurs. Each episode of the podcast features an in-depth interview with one of these leaders, exploring the lessons they have learned and sharing the advice they have to give.

Join Earl and his friends for each segment, full of fascinating conversations about personal and business backstories behind the people and the ventures they have built, the key lessons they have learned along the way, and overviews of the cool companies and technologies they have pioneered. These industry leaders have a lot of insight to share, and it’s all available for free through Tech Beat.

Make sure to subscribe and keep an eye on the feed. We will be posting all past segments weekly and new segments on a regular basis. We will also be adding the show to Apple, Google, Pandora, iHeart, Amazon, and other channels in the near future. Watch for a new segment to be featured in the series soon: TechBeat Bytes—3 On Point Business Tips in 5 Minutes!

As always, thanks for listening, and be sure to spread the word to your like-minded peers in the business world.