Nexus IT Takes Part In Philanthropic Activities To Lend A Helping Hand Throughout Our Community!

Nexus IT understands the importance of taking part in philanthropic activities, in order to lend a helping hand and improve the quality of life for those throughout our community.

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We aim to do everything we can in terms of donating time, resources, and money to the following:

  • Park City Community Foundation: Park City Community Foundation opened its doors in 2007 to help connect donors to organizations in an effort to give back to the community via an array of donor funds, grant programs, and community initiatives.
  • Utah Non-Profits: Utah Non-Profits is a fantastic organization that provides both its members and its partners with the unique opportunity to engage in the meaningful delivery of nonprofit programs and services throughout the area.

We strongly believe that technology is an essential part of every single business, but it’s often a pricey investment.

That’s why we work with these two organizations above to donate reconditioned computers, hardware and equipment to Utah nonprofit organizations throughout the state that serve and benefit our community.

NexusIT web Tech Company Utah
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Nexus IT knows it’s vital to lend a helping hand throughout our community. If you have questions about our philanthropic activities or you’d like to learn more about how you can help, call us at (801) 839-7006 or email: