When the use of technology first started to become more widespread across all industries and specialties, many businesses began using specialized software and applications to suit their specific needs. As a result, the demand for IT professionals who specialized in specific areas of technology increased. The combination of in-house support and outsourcing created even more specific positions, actually dividing the world of IT support into segments with their own certifications and skill sets.

IT Specialists

Today, all of that is changing. Cloud computing and digitization are now becoming the norm for a lot of businesses, which requires a more versatile and flexible type of IT support. Specialized skills are becoming outdated or obsolete much more quickly in the modern tech world, making generalists a popular choice for both businesses and IT support companies.

An IT generalist’s strengths include:

  • A broader understanding of today’s technology
  • The ability to better partner and collaborate successfully with businesses and other professionals
  • A wider range of experience with a variety of systems, software, and applications
  • Capacity to handle any service call, implement any new technology, and answer any questions a client might have

From an IT support provider’s perspective, this means companies are changing the way they evaluate potential new hires. The goal is always to put the best possible people in charge of taking care of clients and their growing technology needs.

What does all of this mean for businesses that rely on support from a Managed Service Provider to keep their technology running smoothly? It means that it’s not just technology that’s evolving. The industry is changing right along with it, and providers are ready to embrace those changes. Certain industries and projects will always require the skills of a specialist, but technicians that are ready and willing to master any new technology that comes their way are a fantastic resource for both providers and clients alike.

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