The InfiniCloud Is An All-Inclusive Private Cloud

The InfiniCloud is an all-inclusive IT-as-a-Service platform that leverages a private cloud. You can subscribe to the InfiniCloud for a flat fixed rate per month. All of the IT you use on a day-to-day basis is included. It prepares you to run anything you want from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world, and all under the umbrella of InfiniCloud Security.

In August, we presented information about our new InfiniCloud platform to the 1MC (1 Million Cups) entrepreneur community. The InfiniCloud will provide its members with a worry-free hyper-responsive approach to world-class support and solutions so they can focus on their business. We share some of the highlights of our presentation here.

What IT Solutions & Service Are Included In The InfiniCloud?

Everything that your team works on including:

  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Business Phone System
  • Servers & Network Infrastructure
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet Connections
  • IT Support
  • Employee Cybersecurity Training
  • Virtual CIO Service
  • Cybersecurity Defense
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office Subscriptions
  • Exchange Email Platform

All of this and more is included in an easy to use platform with one bill and vendor at a fixed rate.

What Problems Will The InfiniCloud Solve?

With business IT, you’re usually dealing with disparate systems that need to be integrated. This can not only be messy but means you have to keep track of different vendors and bills. The InfiniCloud can pull all this together into one, comprehensive solution.

What About IT Security?

The need for rock-solid cybersecurity is extremely important. With 3 out of 5 small businesses in Utah being hacked, 2 out of 5 not even knowing this, and all these disparate solutions being used to deal with it, you need an IT solution like The InfiniCloud that provides comprehensive IT security.

And with government regulations that apply to data security, most businesses have an obligation to keep their data secure. A public cloud solution doesn’t provide the cybersecurity needed for regulatory compliance. The InfinCloud will.

Is The InfiniCloud Mobile?

Many workforces are mobile today, with people telecommuting from places all over the country. They must be nimble, pivot and scale quickly and are often virtual. You want to keep your workers connected but public cloud solutions like Gmail, Dropbox, Basecamp, G-Suite, AWS, Azure, etc. are often massive targets for hackers. In fact, they can lack regulatory compliance and enterprise-grade data security measures that are necessary to maintain confidentiality.

The InfiniCloud provides the connectivity and IT security you need for your mobile workforce.

With The InfiniCloud You’ll…

  • Never have to buy another PC or a piece of IT equipment again. All of your IT and hardware are included.
  • Simplify with one bill and one vendor for ALL of your IT needs.
  • Get connected to a Data Center of interlinked Super Computers with Anywhere, Anytime Access from Any Device in the World.
  • Get ALL the IT you need to run your business with one simple, flat-rate program.
  • Benefit from a Private Cloud with built-in rock-solid cybersecurity, compliance and disaster recovery.
  • Upgrade your technology with superior solutions with no capital expenditure.
  • Convert CapEX IT Expenditures into 100% OpEx Expenses.
  • Gain flexibility and effectiveness with cutting-edge technology solutions.
  • Have all of this with no upfront expenditures; it’s provided to you for a monthly fee.
  • Receive a NO COST refresh all of your IT infrastructure when you subscribe, and ongoing refreshes automatically every 3 to 5 years.
  • Get Access to 24/7/365 Hyper-Responsive Expert Support.

Can Remote Workers Use The InfiniCloud?

Yes. The workforce today is mobile, and many people work from their home offices. Bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem when accessing the InfinCloud, but if it is, Nexus IT has partnerships with companies that supply the bandwidth required for rural areas.

Plus, the InfiniCloud has built-in compression technology so it will work with a DSL or basic internet connection. We have other solutions to help with this as well.

Does The InfiniCloud Platform Provide Computers and Hardware For CAD or Graphics Users?

Yes. If you need to use programs that require a computer with higher processing power, the InfiniCloud program provides this. You’re not tied to any one package of computer hardware. We provide exactly what you need.

Is The InfiniCloud a Bundled Service?

In IT industry language, it’s Hardware-as-a-Service (Haas), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), IT Managed Services, and other services bundled together with a private cloud.

Does The InfiniCloud Cost a Lot?

Consider the full cost of IT ownership and all the different related subscription and expenses… They add up fast, don’t they? InfiniCloud bundles all of this into one solution, which means you’re only paying one bill that leverages economies of scale. Ultimately, the total cost of IT ownership is much less than procuring everything in disparate solutions from disparate vendors.

Interested In Trying Out The InfiniCloud?

Some of the early adopters of the InfiniCloud include JANS Mountain Recreation Experts, Nightengale College, MOAB Brewery, the Christian Center Park City (CCPC), Squatters Craft Beers, and Basin Recreation to name a few.

We’re always looking for companies that want to pilot this program. If you’re interested, or if you know someone who is, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us.