From a business perspective, Twitter is all about gathering a following. The more people following your account, the larger your potential audience for business, which is what you need to be successful. Business-oriented Twitter accounts are becoming more and more popular every day, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get started yourself. That said, a good Twitter account doesn’t run itself; following the three tips below can definitely help you get off the ground.

Be Interesting!

Boring posts will not only stop you from gaining traction; they’ll actually send you backwards. People don’t want to see your lifeless tweets. They will not follow that sort of thing. The businesses that get a lot of action are those who customize their tweets to their audience and reach out through Twitter instead of just using it. Don’t use those 140 characters unwisely and make your business look like it’s not worth the ground it takes up. Aim for 95% engagement and 5% pitch (and don’t ever pitch without including a good reason to do so, like a promo).

Retweet Cool Content

Sharing original content is good, and you should be doing that every day. However, you don’t need to entirely stick to original content. If something comes up that you think your audience will enjoy and is written by someone else, share it. It doesn’t matter if someone else gets credit for it since YOU get credit for posting it and helping some people out on your feed. Find quality articles, posts and infographics and share them. Don’t know what’s good to share and what isn’t? Follow someone that’s successful and in your niche for a few days. See what they post.

Don’t Forget to Interact

Twitter has a unique platform and has semi-recently started allowing direct messages to individuals that have pages. You can use both of these to interact with potential clients, but Tweeting back is one of the best things you can do. How many times have you seen Twitter screenshots where a big brand interacted with a “little” person and everyone loved it? People love getting Tweets from companies.

If you approach your Twitter as a place to post dry business information, only a very select few will pay attention. By keeping it interesting and engaging and reposting engaging content from other sources, you’ll see your following grow in no time.