Your Nexus IT Computer runs just like it was sitting right next to you on your desk, except that your software and data all reside safe and sound within
Nexus IT’s Data Centers.


Virtual Computing means you’re not tied to your desk, either. Your data, your work and your computer are all now accessible…everywhere imaginable!


Virtualization for Everyone

Virtualization is not just for the
Fortune 500 anymore. Small and Medium Businesses are rapidly adopting virtualization and achieving significant benefits in a number of areas. Specifically, SMBs are seeing improvements in:

  • Time spent on routine IT admin tasks
  • Backup and data protection
  • Application availability
  • Response to changing business needs
  • Business continuity preparedness
  • Company profitability and growth rate

Why Virtualize?

SMBs are adopting virtualization for a variety of reasons. The number one reason cited is to improve server utilization; 72% of SMBs chose virtualization for this reason. But that’s not the only benefit: 57% sought to reduce or contain the number of servers, 49% to improve security, 48% to improve availability and uptime, 47% to improve server and application management, and 47% to improve data backup and protection.