How Can Voice Over IP (VoIP) Services Save Your Company Money, Time and Make You More Productive?

With a large spike in its popularity you have probably heard the term VoIP before – a popular, inexpensive, and effective way to provide telephony to businesses and residences. The premise is simple: Instead of using the existing telephone lines in your building, or having new ones installed, you push all of your voice, teleconferencing, and video traffic through the Internet.

The most expensive components of a phone bill are the lines and the minutes. But VoIP differs from regular telephone service by treating your phone conversations as data passing through your IP network. In today’s world, broadband is relatively inexpensive and easy to get, so VoIP has considerable appeal to businesses that want to cut costs and use their existing resources more efficiently.

How VoIP Saves You Money

VoIP can reduce your business telephony costs in several ways.

  1. First, it frees your business from ever having to install new phone lines. VoIP services provide equipment that hooks directly into your existing broadband network, and those services’ rates are generally significantly lower than traditional business phone plans.  Our VoIP service plans start at just $5.99 per month. Clients we convert to VoIP save a minimum of 25% off their current phone bill, but most save from 50% to 75%.  For some of our clients this adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars of savings per month.
  2. With a VoIP phone system and service from Nexus IT you can also eliminate all of your expensive roll over lines that are only used so your phones don’t ring busy.  Most clients we convert from traditional phone service have 2 to 15 roll over lines at an average cost of $35 per month per line.  Eliminating those adds up to big savings.  With our systems and service we are able to deliver up to 10 simultaneous phone calls over one line (unlimited plan is limited to 2 simultaneous calls).
  3. By using vFax (virtual fax) service you can generally reduce your monthly fax line cost by 75%.  Not to mention that vFax saves you paper and toner costs, is green friendly and more convenient as your faxes are delivered to your email and send directly from your computer.  Our vFax plans start at just $5.99 per month.
  4. Do you have branch offices, home offices or telecommuting employees? With VoIP you can also eliminate all of your office-to-office call charges including domestic and international long distance.  Again this is usually a major cost savings for our clients.  The power of VoIP for remote locations is incredibly convenient; converting those locations into a simple extension of your main phone system and giving you the ability to dial, transfer and conference remote users with a simple extension or speed dial.
  5. International long distance charges are less with VoIP service.
  6. Our VoIP phone systems have a Conference Bridge built in at no additional cost.  You no longer have to pay hefty monthly fees for hosting teleconferences.  You can do them in house for FREE.
  7. The phone system becomes a service that your IT department/consultant handles, which reduces costs and downtime (since you don’t have to wait for a Telco truck to show up if the service does happen to go down).
  8. VoIP also supports unlimited domestic long-distance calling, since the traffic goes out over the Internet, another significant savings
  9. Traditional systems charge licensing fees for each premium feature and each extension.  Our VoIP phone systems come with all the standard features and so many more at no additional cost with no additional fees to ever pay for adding extensions or features.  Our full featured VoIP phone systems for businesses come ready to drop in place and start at just $750.  This makes the start up cost of an on premise VoIP system very affordable and your ROI very short once you factor in your monthly savings.
  10. So many of the features included with VoIP systems such as Voicemail to Email save time and human resources, which in the end save you money.  Not to mention make your workforce more productive and efficient.
  11. With our Hosted PBX VoIP services you get all the same standard features without the startup cost.  For all new Hosted PBX VoIP accounts we offer FREE phones and installation!*
  12. Utilizing Hosted PBX VoIP services is beneficial as all of your phone system support and configuration is included in your monthly fees.*
  13. It also gives you access to a portal where you can quickly and simply change settings on the fly and manage your account and system.
  14. Monthly fees for Hosted PBX services are more than standard VoIP services but given the included support and no start up cost the two generally balance out in the end.

Features and Advantages of VOIP

Voice Over IP services have a number of advantages that can be beneficial to a business, including some options that may not be available with standard telephone companies.

  1. VOIP providers often feature a full range of telephone services included in their monthly charges, including caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and voice mail.
  2. Since the service runs over the Internet, customers are also generally able to choose a telephone number from a wide variety of locations instead of just the area in which they live. This can be useful for those who expect to frequently receive calls from another city or town.  By setting up their phone number in the caller’s locale, all of the calls that they receive will be considered local calls for the caller and can end up saving them a significant amount of money. Using this feature is also less expensive than you paying for a toll free number.  For businesses, this can allow branch offices or workers with a temporary setup on location to be able to have a number local to the main office to help curtail long distance and other telephone expenses.
  3. You can install VoIP software on mobile devices too converting your smart phones into extensions of your office phone system.  Now your employees are always connected and reachable from a “work” line, even when they’re physically away from the office.
  4. The usual business-phone features are available on VoIP: voicemail, caller ID, conferencing (including videoconferencing), and call forwarding.
  5. Our VoIP systems come with premium features like Conference Bridge, Unified Communications (Voicemail to Email), and Auto Attendant among many others all included at no additional cost.
  6. VOIP systems can also be expanded and maintained much easier than standard telephone systems.

Quality of VoIP Service

Many businesses are afraid to move forward with VoIP phone services having heard horror stories of the quality of the service from the early days of the product.  In today’s world of high-speed Internet connections these quality issues are rare.  In fact to ensure that call quality will not be an issue we always test your Internet connection for the most common issues that cause poor call quality before we implement VoIP services for you.  Even if such issues are found most can be overcome with additional hardware that prioritizes the VoIP calls for optimum quality.  In fact if you or we have any concern at all we even will install a few test phones for a week or two to ensure that you are happy with the product prior to purchasing.

We hope that this report on how VoIP can save you money and time and make you more productive has been beneficial to you and you have enjoyed it.

What happens to my VoIP service if my Internet connection goes down?

A major concern for businesses using VoIP services is whether or not their phones will go down if their Internet connection goes not.  The answer to this question is yes and no.  Because with VoIP service we can build in an automatic failover mechanism.  It is not possible to do this with traditional phone service.  This is another advantage of VoIP service.  There are two types of failover available:

  1. We pre-program your phone numbers to failover to a mobile phone or a landline in the event of an Internet outage.  Your phones will automatically ring to the failover number if your Internet is down so you don’t miss any important phone calls.
  2. For businesses that consider their phones services to be more critical and don’t want to failover to a mobile phone or landline a redundant Internet connection can always be implemented.  This will provide you with a backup Internet connection.  In the event your primary connection were to go down, your calls would automatically route over the backup connection.  These redundant connections can also be implemented for your data and they can be used to load balance your Internet traffic to increase the overall bandwidth available to your data and voice traffic.

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