Maybe you’re ready to head to the internet for the first time and start building your online presence. Perhaps your old website has become bulky and difficult-to-navigate, and you’re ready for a faster, sleeker way to interact with your customers. You might even be happy with your website but are searching for more competitive rates and better support services.

Whatever your website and web hosting needs, Nexus IT Consultants is happy to help—and we’re happy to help on a budget that makes sense for your needs. Our monthly hosting packages start as low as $6.99/month, and feature a secure, reliable solution that can grow alongside your business.

Smart Web Hosting Solutions

Your web host provider should be more than just a foundation for your website—it should be a company you trust to see you through all your IT support needs. Because so much of what you do online and within your company network is linked, it’s comforting to know that you only have to access one troubleshooting resource.

Nexus IT Consultants is a full-service IT support company in Utah, which means you can turn to us for all your website and IT development needs. Depending on your goals for your website, we can start you out with:

  • A simple and informative website
  • A full-blown e-commerce solution
  • Corporate emails
  • Hosted applications and services
  • Complex streaming media needs
  • Marketing tools and support
  • Built-in SSL and security

From there, we can build a monitoring and maintenance package. Or not. We can implement organization-wide disaster recovery steps. Or not. We can even help you with cloud computing and full managed IT services. Or not. When you choose Nexus IT Consultants as your partner, you only pay for as much support as you need—and we’re always willing to step in the moment you decide you’re ready for more.

For more information on our web hosting services and pricing, visit our dedicated hosting website at