Brock Headshot

Brock Arveseth is our newest tech engineer. We’re thrilled to have Brock on the Nexus IT team, and we know that you’ll be impressed when you meet him.

What Does Brock Do For Our Clients?

Brock is a Tier 1 NOC Engineer. He works in our Network Operations Center to provide tier 1 tech support and network operation center maintenance.

As your NOC Engineer, Brock will ensure your network runs smoothly. He can handle many things like cyberattacks, network failures and configuration of hardware such as firewalls and routers. Basically, Brock will ensure that your IT network performs optimally and is always stable.

What Is Brock’s Educational Background?

Along with a degree in Psychology and Associated Arts and High Honors, from Utah State University, Brock has a Google IT Support Specialist Certification.

Where Did Brock Work Before Coming To Nexus IT Consultants?

Before joining the Nexus IT team in Salt Lake, Brock worked at Apex Behavior Consulting as a Registered Behavior Tech.

  • He earned a nationally accredited certificate to teach individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders essential skills intended to improve their quality of life and increase their independence.
  • Brock applied behavior interventions that required consistent data recording of adaptive and maladaptive behavior. This also included quick and safe physical interventions to protect both the client and others.
  • He helped design procedures to standardize data recording and to normalize data company-wide.
  • Brock served adults with developmental disabilities at Cache Employment and Training Center, a non-profit organization. He created daily classes to provide positive experiences and community interactions.
  • Brock always volunteered for extra work assignments by transporting clients and supporting them at home by teaching daily living and leisure skills.

Want To Know Some Fun Facts About Brock?

  • He plays the guitar pretty well!
  • He’s a Video & Tabletop Gamer.
  • He’s a Star Wars & Star Trek fan.
  • He enjoys skiing out of state (even though he lives in Utah!).
  • Brock’s favorite pastime is taking photographs in our beautiful national parks.
  • If he could have a superpower, it would be matter manipulation.
  • Brock’s favorite type of food?…Mexican
  • If he could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Please give Brock a warm welcome when you meet him!