Cloud Computing For Businesses Throughout Utah

Small business owners hear a lot about the cloud, but may still be wary about jumping into this “new” technology. The reality is that cloud-based computing has been around for many years; since the 1960s, if you can believe it! What may seem like a fad is actually a robust, mature technology that allows businesses to leverage the power of enterprise-scale technology at a much more affordable price. In its simplest explanation, cloud computing is the ability to access your desktop tools and applications remotely from any device with an internet connection. Cloud computing in its current incarnation has been used by Amazon and Google since 2006, which is when the term left the university scene and became more mainstream.

Here’s all you need to know about the cloud and how it can help your business.

All About the Cloud

When you hear the term “the cloud”, it refers to the global network of servers that can be accessed via the internet. The true background of cloud computing was actually plotted by some technology executives in 1996 as they discussed how business will be transacted on computers in the future — and calling it cloud computing. What used to be a technical buzzword has become a tried-and-true term that is used to mean data, infrastructure and applications that are stored conveniently and securely.

Think of cloud computing as a giant building, where everyone is able to use the infrastructure and services. Everything in the building would be top-notch, from high-efficiency heating and cooling systems to super-fast internet and exceptional telecommunications systems. While everyone is able to use these shared services, each business is able to customize their own space in any way that they would like. This means that even the smallest business can have access to enterprise-scale infrastructure, simply by sharing the cost of the services between many businesses. With cloud computing, you are able to quickly and conveniently access your desktop and applications from any devices that is connected to the internet, and there are a wealth of benefits available for organizations who leverage this technology.

Benefits of Cloud for Your Business

The benefits of cloud computing for your business can be felt at all levels of the organization. They include:

  • Inherent disaster recovery capability due to highly redundant backups and robust restore procedures
  • Greatly reduced cost for enterprise-scale services, since the cost of the infrastructure is split between thousands of organizations
  • Enterprise-level security experts create secure and scalable solutions to protect your data and software applications
  • Your systems are monitored by teams of experts from around the globe, 24/7/365

Perhaps the biggest benefit? You and your team will have dramatically more time as you are able to outsource higher level concerns to more experienced experts who are available when and where you need them.

With the cloud, your business is able to pay a moderate monthly fee and gain access to top-of-the-line regional data centers, proven data recovery options and security guarantees by certified professionals. It would be next to impossible for a traditional small business to support this type of infrastructure cost, but the cloud allows for a simple yet scalable solution that has an exceptional security profile.

Nexus Are Your Cloud Computing Professionals

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