Gone are the days of agents lugging around binders full of paperwork and folders stuffed with client records—technology has revolutionized the real estate industry. 

Now your clients might ask for video tours, electronic document signing, virtual open houses, and more. There’s no end to the innovative ways you can use IT to give your customers a better experience.

But as with anything tech-based, these tools come with security worries, privacy issues, and the need for constant maintenance. 

If you’ve been implementing technology into your real estate strategy but you’re worried about having to become a tech guru rather than a property-selling machine, this blog will help you cut through the confusion.

5 Real Estate IT Services That Can Change the Way You Do Business

Changes in technology are meant to make your life easier in two ways: 1) you’re able to use a tool to improve a customer experience and 2) the tool does a mundane task for you, therefore giving you time for higher-leverage activities.

The real estate industry has seen major transformations in the last few decades because so many software programs and tools have been released. From automated paperwork to online lead capture, there are a variety of IT services that can make your job easier and help you close more deals.

1. Business Process Automation

Customized software solutions can streamline your operations, eliminate costly errors and free up time for more productive activities. With the right automation tools in place, you can save countless hours on mundane tasks like data entry, document management, report generation and much more.

2. Cloud Computing

Hosting your software solutions and data in the cloud can provide you with on-demand access from anywhere, at any time. 

Allowing agents to share documents and collaborate on projects in real-time saves time and keeps everyone up to date without having to pass emails back and forth or waste time scheduling meetings.

3. Virtual Staging

Professional virtual staging services help buyers visualize what a property will look like after they move in. Visuals are powerful and this can give clients a better idea of how their future home looks—without having to hire someone or stage it themselves, saving both time and money.

4. Mobile Application Development

Having a mobile app for your real estate business makes it easier for clients to search for properties, contact you, and showcase listings. Especially in the age of social media and online reviews, having a mobile app can help you stand out from the competition.

5.  Video Conferencing

Meeting with clients face-to-face is key to building trust and relationships, but that can be time-consuming. With video conferencing, you can connect with clients no matter where they are located and it eliminates the need for traveling or coordinating different schedules.

As out-of-state investing gets easier, having the ability to connect with clients via video calls can help increase your sales and expand your business.

These five real estate IT services are just a few of the many that real estate agencies need in order to keep up with the times and stay competitive. When setting up your tech stack, make sure you consult with professionals who understand both industry trends and the capabilities of technology.

Challenges That Come With Increased Technology Use

As you know, doing things over the Internet comes with its downsides. You’ve probably started to be very clear with your clients about the threat of wire fraud and most likely put policies in place to prevent it.

And of course, because you’re dealing with such sensitive information (SSNs, banking information, etc.), you’re a prime target for cybercriminals. Finally, technology can fail—just like anything else—and this could lead to lost or corrupted data, unexpected downtime, and worst of all: frustrated customers.

Imagine it’s signing day. Your client has spent three years saving up a down payment for their home and they’ve sent you the remainder of the down payment and closing costs—but the escrow company says they didn’t get anything.

The day before, your client received an email that looked like it came from you. It came from your email, which said you’d changed the bank account for their wire transfer, and provided them with a new routing number.

This kind of attack is becoming more common in the real estate industry and it’s one of the major reasons why having an IT provider who understands the threats your business faces has become essential.

Does Your Business Need an IT Provider? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

Real estate IT services don’t just prevent disasters from happening—they help streamline your processes and close more deals. But, if you’re not sure if professional IT services are for you, here are four questions that will help you decide.

1) Do worries about data privacy and security keep you up at night?

2) Does the complexity of maintaining and updating technology overwhelm you?

3) Do you want to save time by automating mundane tasks?

4) Are you looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction while increasing sales?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then real estate IT services are for you. Working with an experienced IT provider can help you set up the right tools for your business and provide ongoing support to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Ready to Close the Deal? Partner With Nexus IT

We’ll take care of you while you take care of your clients. With 24/7 monitoring, automated backups, and a team of certified engineers at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing that Nexus IT will take care of all your tech needs.

Real estate IT services from Nexus will help you stay safe and secure, save time and money, and grow your business. Schedule a free consultation today to talk with a team member and learn more!