Nexus Team To Attend Women Tech Awards

The Nexus team is looking forward to attending the 15th annual Women Tech Awards on Sept. 22. Will we see you there?

Did you know that 90% of young girls say they don’t know any women in tech and have no role models? The STEM world remains largely masculine, but that’s steadily changing, thanks to events like the Tech Women Awards.

That’s why every female member of the Nexus staff will be in attendance at the 15th annual event on September 22.

For 15 years, the Women Tech Awards have spotlighted technology-focused women in the national technology community. These women help to drive innovation, develop new technologies, positively impact the world and inspire the next generation as they do it.

Nexus Team To Attend Women Tech Awards

Why Does Nexus Support The Women Tech Awards?

The Nexus team is committed to affecting positive change in our workplace and our industry as a whole. We know that women are vastly underrepresented in IT and other parts of the technology world. That’s why we’re supporting the important work that the Women Tech Awards do in recognizing successful and notable women in our field.

The Nexus team understands that we are a product of our community. The success of our business is due, in part, to the prosperity that the Utah tech market is currently enjoying, which is why we take opportunities like this to pay it forward and support organizations that have helped better the IT community at large.

We hope to see you there!