Yes we are, and we can provide you the cloud workspace you need to connect your remote-access employees or associates to your IT network. And, our workstation as a service provision can do it in such a way as to be able to guarantee maximum uptime, performance, accessibility and connectivity for the duration of your contract with us.

What Comes with Your WaaS Service Package?

Our “workstation as a service” packages come with cloud desktop or hosted desktop options. We’ll also provide and manage the WAN optimization (or WAN acceleration) you’ll need to speed and maximize access to your critical Wide Area Network (WAN) applications.

We can also help you facilitate and implement a VMware server, VM Workstation or Windows workstations with Remote Desktop Service (Desktop as a Service) and Remote Installation Services (RIS) capabilities.

And, of course, you get our stellar IT support with rapid-response resolution of any WaaS issue or concern.

To What Degree Will Your Workstation Service Help Increase My Workplace Productivity?

By its very nature, WaaS service is designed to enhance your workplace productivity along with your entire WAN. Many case studies are illustrating this fact. Actual percentages of increase vary from place to place and business to business, but they are always gainful results.

What is the Cost to the point of Value Ratio on Your WaaS Service?

We’re happy to say that the price to value ratio is relatively very high. In other words, you get a relatively high ROI for your WaaS investment with Nexus IT Consultants guiding you, including a digital transformation of your workplace with multiple benefits.

Can You Guarantee You’re Reputable WaaS service providers?

Our WaaS Service in Salt Lake City gives businesses who need highly-rated remote workstation support an enormous competitive edge along with compliance, security, and productivity enhancement.

Nexus IT Consultants offers the best Workstation as a Service for businesses in Salt Lake City, and offers a service guarantee to back it up that means you don’t pay for what you don’t expect, period.

Let us be your leader among WaaS service providers in greater Salt Lake City UT, and give us a call today at 877-660-0089 or email us for more information on getting started.