In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, businesses often focus solely on products and services, neglecting the invaluable asset that truly drives success—their people. At Nexus IT, a leading IT solutions provider, the recognition of this fact lies at the heart of their culture and processes.

Co-founded by Earl Foote, Nexus IT has built a thriving organization centered around the belief that its people are their most valuable product. Earl shares, “If we’re able to provide an environment where our team members can be happy and fulfilled, they create an experience and outcomes for our clients that make those clients happy.”

Jake Hiller, the Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Nexus IT, affirms this principle, stating, “The product we sell is our people. So if we’re not people first, what are we?” 

This mantra underscores Nexus IT’s commitment to nurturing a work environment where team members are happy, fulfilled, and empowered to create exceptional experiences and outcomes for their clients.

At the core of Nexus IT’s cultural DNA are their carefully crafted core values, shaped by the collaborative efforts of the entire team. These values serve as their north star: absolute ownership, outwit and out grit, a culture of inclusion, financial stewardship, and assumption of positive intent. 

Each value is carefully aligned with the company’s mission, ensuring internal and external cohesion and driving Nexus IT toward its goals.

Briann Rachele, the Director of Strategic Growth, emphasizes the significant effort invested in defining these core values. The alignment with the company’s mission serves not only its clients but also the internal employees, fostering a shared sense of purpose and commitment.

One of the defining aspects of Nexus IT’s approach is its belief in building strong relationships, both with its clients and within its own team. James Swensen, a Service Coordinator at Nexus IT, highlights client relationships as true partnerships, where Nexus IT becomes an integral part of their clients’ teams. 

By truly understanding their clients’ businesses, Nexus IT provides unparalleled support, creating an environment of trust and mutual care.

Ultimately, Nexus IT’s fulfillment comes from helping people every day. Their passion for providing invaluable assistance to clients and witnessing the positive impact they have on their work is their greatest reward. James aptly states, “There’s nothing better than having someone say, ‘I couldn’t work today, and you helped me work.’ I think that’s the greatest high you can get, is helping.”

Nexus IT’s people-first culture, rooted in collaboration, support, and a genuine desire to make a difference, sets them apart in the competitive IT industry. By valuing their team members as their most valuable asset, Nexus IT creates an environment where happy and fulfilled employees can deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Through its core values, strong relationships, and unwavering commitment to helping others, Nexus IT delivers results that are truly “more than IT.”