When you hire a Salt Lake IT services company, you should look for a company that can meet your needs both now and into the long run. In particular, you need a company with a proven support process. Ideally, the IT services professionals you hire should be able to show you the step-by-step process they use to address issues with their clients.

Although an established workflow may not sound that important, it’s critical, and it offers your company the following benefits.


All businesses rely on their technology. Regardless of your industry, you likely use a wide range of technology for internal purposes, and you may also interact with your customers through a website, an online portal, or other venues. To keep your business running smoothly, you need your technology to be up and working at all times, and the right Salt Lake IT services company can help to ensure that happens.

Additionally, if your systems go down and your customers can’t put in orders, ask questions, contact your customer service department, or engage with your business in other ways, they become frustrated and take their business to their competitors. For example, according to research from Google, over half of all customers leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load, and many other stats emphasize how important quality technology is to customers. To safeguard your client base and protect your brand image, you need your technology to be responsive and reliable — a proven support process makes that possible.


Any IT services company can promise you that they will keep your systems up and running at all times, but if they don’t have an established support process, there’s no guarantee that these professionals can follow through with their promises. In contrast, when a company has an established workflow, you can look at the workflow, you can see exactly what’s going to happen when you need support, and most importantly, you get the reassurance that the process has been tested repeatedly and that it will work.

Predictability From Salt Lake IT Services Company

When IT services have an established support process, they can show you what to expect both regarding how your support ticket moves through the system and regarding how long it takes to get the help you need. For example, at Nexus IT, we have refined our support process so that 90% of issues are resolved within 30 minutes or less. You submit the support ticket, the dispatch team assigns the ticket, and the help desk solves the majority of problems. Then, approximately 10% of issues are escalated to the junior or senior systems engineers.

As you weigh the pros and cons of various IT support companies, ask them how they can help your company. Ask what they do when you issue a support ticket. If they have a proven process in place, they will be able to show you what to expect every step of the way. If they are not able to do that, you deserve (and need) a company that can answer that question clearly, so you need what to expect.

Improved Communication

You deserve quality communication from your IT support team,and when a company has a proven support process in place, you can rest assured that communication will exceed what you get from a company that lacks an established process. By creating a workflow for support issues, IT professionals create pathways for communication between themselves and their clients.

As a result, queries for help are much less likely to get lost. All communications are routed to a dispatch person who ensures that the support ticket goes to the right team. As a client, you don’t have to worry about an email sitting unread in someone’s box, an ignored voicemail, or sitting on hold for hours. You submit your issue through the established channel, and then, you enjoy the benefits of a quality communication process.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about repeating your problem. You don’t get tossed from department to department, only to have to retell every rep what you need. Instead, you share your issue with the first tier of support professionals, and they ensure that the problem is communicated up the ladder as required. Although you may have to answer some questions to refine the tech team’s understanding of the issue, you never have to repeat your core issue.

Reduced Bottlenecks

In the absence of a proven support process, delays are inevitable. To explain, imagine your business hires a support company. The company has a great team of qualified tech professionals, but it doesn’t have a proven support process. One day you submit a help ticket, and none of the people online can help. The company has an IT engineer who can solve your problem quickly, but that individual is on vacation for a week. As a result, your business suffers because you can’t get the help that you need.

However, when a company has a proven support process, it has systems in place to prevent the above scenario. The IT services company has tested their support system. It has created a system where all concerns and complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently. That improves client satisfaction because you don’t have to worry about bottlenecks in the process.

Scalability From a Salt Lake IT Services Company

As an entrepreneur, you always want to have an eye on growth, and to ensure that your company can avoid growing pains in the process, you need to select partners who can help you both now and in the future. That rule extends to the IT services company you hire.

Ideally, you need a company that can meet your needs now, but you also need a company that can help you as you integrate more technology, take on more clients, hire new employees, and grows in other ways. Well established workflows make that possible. They are designed to be scalable, both for the IT services company and for its clients, and that helps to ensure your satisfaction now and in the future.

Handles Evolving Complexities

Technology is constantly evolving. Over a few years or several decades of owning a business, you are going to use a wide range of different technologies. It’s almost entirely impossible to keep up with evolving technology using an internal IT team. You have to be vigilant about recruiting and training people who understand new software, emerging languages, and other technology essentials.

When you work with an IT company, they take charge of that issue. They ensure that they always have staff on hand who understand the newest changes in technology and who can guide your business through new generations of technology.

Save Money

In general, businesses tend to save money when they outsource their technology needs. They don’t have to recruit, onboard, train, and retrain IT employees. Simultaneously, they don’t have to worry about providing desks, equipment, and office space to a team of tech professionals.

At the same time, they get to enjoy the benefits of improved uptime, and they get the reassurance from knowing that they can easily access help as needed. Often, managed service providers even keep watch on the system 24/7 and they jump in and handle small problems before their clients even notice there’s an issue.

With a proven support process, the financial savings are even more pronounced for all the reasons outlined above. Reduced bottlenecks, improved communication, and predictability mean that you can focus on your business, while the IT support company worries about your technology.

You deserve quality. You deserve systems that work as they should, whenever you need them. You deserve the chance to focus on your business without worrying about technology. At Nexus IT Consultants, we are the Salt Lake IT services company that can help you. To learn more, contact us directly.

We look forward to helping your business get to the next level of success, and we can guarantee your satisfaction.