Did you know that Facebook has more than 728 million daily users? They have roughly 1.44 billion monthly active users on top of that as well. Yeah, that’s quite a breathtaking amount of people, especially if you consider how small they were just a few short years ago. Through word of mouth, Facebook has grown […]

We live in a world that is easily accessible with our fingertips via smart phones. Running a business can be hectic, but luckily, smart phones give us access to many different ways to help the adventure run smoothly. With a few simple taps, you can get apps that do a lot of your most pressing […]

It’s okay: dissatisfied customers are a part of business life. Your response is everything, though, and a good response will make the difference between a good angry customer and a bad one. The fact is that you can turn an upset customer into an asset, and while it isn’t easy, it’s entirely worth it. An […]

For years, the debate over the differences between Mac and PC has raged on between experts and novices alike. The consensus often reached is that PC is better for work-related tasks, especially in an office environment, while the Mac is the best choice for creative endeavors such as graphic design, audio editing and video editing. […]

Xbox creator, Microsoft, is saying it will “change the face of virtual reality,” and Oculus owners are saying the same. Oculus has partnered with Xbox, and some big things are happening at both companies. We’ve seen virtual reality tinkerers for many decades as technology has improved and allowed us to do bigger and better things […]

Sometimes you just have to raise your prices, and while that’s never a bad thing in your book, some customers may find themselves upset that they suddenly owe you more money monthly than they did before. A classic example of this is when Netflix increased their prices by almost 60%. Was it still a good […]

Not everyone is going to do things the way you do them. Not everyone is going to raise children like you do, and not everyone is going to eat the same way you do. Most importantly, not everyone is going to run a business like you, and not everyone is going to purchase like you […]

Amazon has started adding brick and mortar stores, and several other large online retailers have started to consider doing so as well. While internet transactions are gaining traction, face-to-face sales still eat up the majority of the market, especially with the integration of smart phone apps into regular shopping. Having a more traditional storefront can […]

Gone are the days where no one had a computer, and gone are the days that no one had a smart phone to browse the internet. The uprising of the mobile device that can be used to pay bills, send all kinds of messages and conduct business has begun. If you’re not appealing to these […]