In the second policy change in just a few short weeks, Facebook reversed its experimental policy on researching how users would react to changing news feed posts on their Facebook pages. Obviously, like the real name policy that the LGBT advocates shouted down and which was the subject of the first Facebook apology issued this […]

If you could join a social network that pledged to never mine and sell your data or serve up ads to you, would you join? The new social network, Ello, hopes your answer is yes. Now dubbed the “anti-Facebook” network, Ello has been attracting as many as 31 thousand new users per hour due to […]

Though the power of Linux is rarely contested, the usability of Linux is often criticized and in many cases the appearance of Linux just doesn’t compare to modern Windows or Mac systems. The creators of the Linux distribution, elementary OS, plan on changing these opinions with their next version of the distribution, Freya. First released […]

In a world where everything that connects to the Internet is subject to attack, Google has approached the problem with something everyone can relate to – cash. Currently the cash rewards offered for people who discover security flaws within its Chrome browser are between $500 and $15,000. The amount you receive depends on a number […]

News of data breaches in companies large and small has been regularly making the weekly headlines over the last few months. One survey estimates that 43 percent of all companies have experienced some type of data breach in 2013. The spate of bad news is getting under the skin of consumers who want more to […]

The debate over which browser is the best will likely go on until a single browser controls the market. Depending on what study you read, Google’s Chrome has more than one half of the browser market, primarily based on its security reputation. Firefox comes in second, while Internet Explorer lags in third. But security is […]

A recent investigation by anti-virus software provider Avast has discovered mountains of data, including personal photos and family pictures. The data was recovered from smartphones sold on eBay as used, and most sellers had used the factory reset option to delete the files from the phone prior to putting it up for sale. Only 20 […]

With the recent announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft has taken steps to put the low interest Windows 8 behind them. There has been a lot of mixed reaction to the new and restored features of Windows 10, but a key question is how will businesses respond to the newest release? Upgrading an operating system for […]

If you have not heard of the Internet of Things (IOT) it is because you just haven’t been listening hard enough. ARM, one of the leaders in moving forward with IOT, is developing an mBed operating system that will help companies integrate their products with the Internet. The Internet of Things is the concept of […]

Apple has announced the latest version of its flagship tablet line, the iPad Air 2 and boasts that it’s the thinnest designed tablet that has ever been seen on the market. In addition to the iPad Air 2, Apple also announced the next iteration of its small screen tablet line, the iPad Mini 3. It, […]