Growing up on the small islands of New Zealand, Romaine Marshall likely had no clue that a basketball scholarship to America would eventually lead him to become one of the foremost cybersecurity lawyers in the country.  Originally a political science major with no intentions of going to law school, Marshall was encouraged by his professors […]

For something as vital as cybersecurity, you need more than annual training. But don’t get overwhelmed, especially if you feel like you’re not a tech expert yourself. There are simple systems you can put in place to help you build a culture of security. You may have tried to build an overall company culture at […]

Spoiler alert: You are the bottleneck of your business’s growth. If you want to find out how to work past that, you need to listen to this podcast episode! Nexus IT CEO Earl Foote was invited to join Jason Klug on Founder’s Field Notes, a podcast that helps entrepreneurs work through the challenges of being […]

We’re in the middle of the fourth Industrial Revolution, or “Industry 4.0.” With new tools and software being launched every day, you have to sort through which solutions best serve your business. And when it comes to the cloud, the numbers speak for themselves: 92% of businesses were using the cloud in 2020. Technology is […]