As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make your job easier, it’s making the job of hackers easier at the same time. While AI promises improved efficiency and automation, it also opens up new avenues for cyberattacks.  As much as you love the convenience AI can offer, you need to be aware of the different cybersecurity […]

Ever had one of those days where you wished you had an expert handling all the techy stuff while you focus on what you do best? Welcome to the world of IT company services. From your favorite coffee shops managing their orders to giant corporations keeping their data locked up tight—IT company services are the […]

You’ve put all of your time, effort, and resources into your small business, watched it grow, and embraced the digital tools that modern times offer. But lurking in the shadows are threats ready to exploit the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Small businesses, often seen as ‘low-hanging fruit’ by cybercriminals, are in the […]

Join Earl Foote of Nexus IT as he dives into an insightful conversation with Greg Trimble, the founder of Lemonade Stand Digital Marketing Agency, and his dedicated partner, Derek Miner. Together, they unravel the fabric of company culture and share their experiences with building companies that love and serve their teams, clients, and communities. Lemonade […]