A large and busy company from Orem, UT was having persistent trouble with their Ubiquiti wireless technology. They started looking for a team of IT professionals who could provide reliable troubleshooting and support to solve the problem

At Nexus IT, we are a squad of security specialists who can guarantee your sensitive data will never be exposed or leaked.

Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT was recently interviewed by Garrett Clark, Director of Operations at Silicon Slopes for January 18, 2021, Silicon Slopes Breakfast event.

No business can thrive without a robust community. In order to succeed and grow, a business needs to develop fruitful, long-term relationships; with clients, contacts, and partners — all of which are parts of a healthy business community.

Remote work doesn’t come naturally to everyone so it’s incumbent upon business managers and owners to think strategically about how they engage with those on their staff who are working from home.