Because business professionals of all types work in co-working spaces, it provides a venue for sharing of ideas and expertise. Not only local community members but professionals from out of town frequent co-working facilities.

Major Fines for IT Data Breaches Outdated machines, software or employee practices can lead to major security problems. These big companies faced painful fines for their IT mistakes. As companies increase their online activity, data collection and eCommerce, the stakes will continue to rise. Companies that are lax, poorly prepared or sloppy are facing disastrous […]

8 Essential Reasons to Outsource Your IT Services Technology moves fast and furiously. In this modern world, you need IT services for your business to run as smoothly as possible. The last thing any well-run company wants is for their IT issues to trip up working conditions so your employees are frustrated, and not being […]

Is your business teetering on the edge of destruction and you don’t even know it? One cyberattack could wipe out your future — here’s how to connect the dots before its too late.

Organization Shouldn’t Be Complicated Out of all of Microsoft’s Office programs, Excel is one of the most universally used. What started out as a fairly basic spreadsheet program has evolved into a must-have business tool. However, the more you use Excel, the more data your workbooks will accumulate. Keeping these workbooks organized and easy to […]

You know cybersecurity is extremely important to your business, but do you know how to get started? These tips from the pros will help you avoid cyber risks.

Keeping An Eye On The Dark Web? Do you know about the “Dark Web”? It’s the part of the Internet where your private data – passwords, social security, credit card numbers, etc. – could be for sale right now. Do you know how to check if they are?     The Internet isn’t all funny […]

Cloud Storage vs. On-Site Data Housing: Factors for Healthcare Organizations to Consider Internet technology has opened the way for data storage to be far less cumbersome for modern healthcare organizations. After all, handling all the incoming data in a modern practice is not all that easy. Many organizations have jumped on board and went after […]

Is your small business suffering from a lack of cybersecurity know-how? These 7 tips are chock-full of information that you can use immediately to help secure your business.

From wirelessly connected fax machines to network-integrated treatment equipment, the modern-day healthcare facility has a full list of things that must be a part of their network. As convenient as the IoT may be for modern practices, every device adds a potential point of security vulnerability. Each new addition offers incredible convenience and functionality to […]