In recent months, Apple has been increasingly on the receiving end of unwanted attention from the hacking community. Apple’s OS offerings have long been touted as being more robust and secure than Microsoft’s Windows, and so far, the company is living up to that reputation. The reality, however, is that given the sheer number of […]

If you haven’t heard the term “whaling attack,” as it relates to the hacking community, you’re not alone. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon, and is a subset of the standard phishing attack, where hackers will contact employees of a company in an effort to get user IDs, passwords, or other sensitive information out of them. […]

One of the nation’s largest firms engaged in assisting other companies in dealing with data breaches has now confirmed that they themselves have suffered a data breach, this one affecting 1.5 million business clients. In a formal statement, a company spokesman announced “Verizon Enterprise Solutions recently discovered and fixed a security vulnerability on our enterprise […]

One of the worst things about taking business trips is the airplane WiFi. It’s a lesson in patience. More often than not, owing to the slow speeds and anemic bandwidth available, you’re better off not even trying to get anything productive done in-flight. One company, Gogo, has been trying to change that. Their first in-flight […]

File this one away under things not to do. Not that you’d ever have a need to do this, but whatever you do, do not set your iPhone’s date to January 1, 1970. If you do, you stand a good chance of turning your cherished smartphone into a very expensive paperweight. News of this “bug” […]

The short answer to the question posed by this article’s title is yes. Yes, your smart TV is listening to your personal conversations. It’s simply a part of the way the technology works. If you spend the money to buy a smart TV, then you’re going to want to use its voice activation features. Unfortunately, […]

Is nothing safe from the hacking community? It seems as though everything is under assault these days. Antivirus and malware blocking software is struggling to keep pace. When those security holes get plugged, the hackers simply shift gears and switch tactics, going after SSL or other core components of the internet itself. When the corporate […]

MasterCard has been experimenting with a new facial biometrics app, and is poised to roll it out in force later this year. The basic idea behind the technology is that it will employ facial recognition in the place of traditional passwords, on the thinking that while it’s possible to guess at your password, a hacker’s […]

The magnetic stripes on the backs of credit and debit cards are problematic. The root of the problem is that they contain absolutely nothing in the way of security. The information they contain is completely unprotected and vulnerable to a type of attack known as “skimming,” where someone with a bit of technical savvy can […]

Remember last year’s “Heartbleed” scare? If you don’t, or if you need a refresher, Heartbleed was a flaw in the security of SSL, which is the technology employed by just about everyone on the web to make financial transactions secure. It is essentially the technology that makes people feel comfortable about conducting business on the […]